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40 Of The Most Incredible Wall Murals Designs You Have Ever Seen. This one I like too, maybe for the blank wall created by the master bath that will be facing the kitchen? Crisp clean NatGeo photos like this are more of the kind of mural I'd like.

40 Of The Most Incredible Wall Murals Designs You Have Ever Seen


21 "Expert Picks" for Fail-Safe Colors

Tan Bm

Beige It'S

Grey It'S

Cold Grey

Moore Hc168

Warm Tan Paint Colors

21 Neutral

Tan Paint Colors For Living Room Valspar

Dark Beige Paint

Manchester Tan (BM HC168) very warm neutral that is almost like an off-white. It's not a cold grey & it's not a boring beige. Nice with dark & mid-tone woods & works well with cooler colors like blues & greens. Also looks good with reds & yellows.

Best Neutral Paint Colors - Bob Vila

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Wi Lake

Wisconsin Lake

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Twin Builders

Large windows facing the lake, provide a beautiful view of this Northern Wisconsin lake. The windows where made by Kolbe & Kolbe and custom designed for this home. When we were working on the plans for the home, we had several drafts of what we wanted on the front wall fo the living room. Once the homeowner decided on a design Kolbe made the windows for us. -- I hope you are enjoying all the North Twin Builders pictures and there plenty more to come. - John

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Color Lr

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Neutral pallet suitable for a north facing room

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Erin Balogh

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West Facing Room

How light affects paint color--tips for north, east, south, west facing rooms

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Ridgway Dream

Dining Room Windows

Dining Rooms

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Level Terrace

Facing Rooms

Serving Bar

Second level terrace faces north, so no late afternoon direct sun. Notice the serving bar at the dining room window.

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Baptiste Martin

Jean Baptiste

Magnificent Panelling

Beauvais Upholstery

Nicolas Bertin

Door Depicting

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Furniture Dates

Jean Jouvenet

The Cool Room This is called the Cool Room because it faces north. Napoleon used it as his council chamber and Charles X took leave of his ministers here on 31 July 1830. The magnificent panelling carved with cassolettes and garlands of flowers dates from Louis XIV. The furniture dates from the First Empire. The serre-papiers (paper cabinet) was delivered by Jacob-Desmalter, the regulator clock by Lepaute and the barometer-thermometer by Bailly. The chairs are covered in Beauvais…

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Natural Light

The light from the South - south facing rooms are brightest in the house. These spaces, like north facing rooms, have consistent light all day - the difference is it is a warmer, bright light that intensifies any color placed within it. Unless you love the energizing effect of intense hues, use softer tones here.

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Bsv Bride S

Bride S Room

Head Zzzzzz

Ipaint North

Accessories Favors

Facing Rooms

North Facing

Time Spent

Wedding Bridal

The Bride's Room

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Hardrock Construction

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Mudroom Laundry

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Beadboard Design

Upper wall colour is by "Promise" by Sarah Richardson Para paint line (is only in Lowes in Canada) Door is Boca Raton by Benjamin Moore Trim and beaded board is Oxford White by Benjamin Moore. "This room faces north and these colours do not feel cold at all."

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North facing Living Room

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The room looks carefully composed and welcoming - North Facing

North-Facing Living Room Makeover - Channel4 - 4Homes

House Beautifulfrom House Beautiful

Make North Feel Like South

North Facing Kitchen

North Facing Living Room

Clouds I'D

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Guest Rooms

"I would paint the walls in this soft yellow — like the end of the day when the sun is going over the hill. It doesn't give you a jolt, yet it would pierce the gray clouds. I'd do it in a satin finish for a bit of shine, with creamy white moldings and a stippled blue glaze on the ceiling to give a sense of blue sky." -David Easton BENJAMIN MOORE GOLDTONE OC-112 Goldtone OC-12

Make North Feel Like South

Paint Benjamin

Bedroom Benjamin

Hallway Benjamin

Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Yellow

Creamy Yellow Paint Colors

Kitchen Benjamin

Color Creamy

Yellow Cream Paint

Perfect Yellow Paint

Benjamin Moore Goldtone, good for a north facing room, nice neutral, soft yellow, gold yellow with just a hint of orange

Benjamin Moore goldtone 176

Colours Fcp

Colours Farrow

Paint Colours

Wallpaper Ground

Yellow Wallpaper

Ipaint North

Ground Colours

Ground Farrow

Ball Kleuren

Yellow Ground No.218. One of our yellow wallpaper ground colours. Recommended for North facing rooms

Yellow Ground | Paint Colours | Farrow & Ball

Ipaint North

Federal Color

Decor Colors

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North Kitchen

Looney Nest

North Bedroom

Facing Rooms

Benjamin Mooretm

for North facing room oc112 bm

Benjamin Moore OC-112 Goldtone | Myperfectcolor

House Beautifulfrom House Beautiful

Make North Feel Like South

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Summer Turquoise

Wall Colors

Gulf Stream 670 To get the look of the 18th-century-style dining room in the previous slide, use BENJAMIN MOORE GULF STREAM 670.

Make North Feel Like South

House Beautifulfrom House Beautiful

Make North Feel Like South

Apricot Bedroom

Apricot Rooms

Apricot Walls

Beautiful Salsa

Beautiful Intense

House Beautiful

Apricot Wall Color

Apricot Paint

Blue Matthew

Paint Colors - Northern Exposure - House Beautiful for my powder room?

Make North Feel Like South

Yellow Bedrooms

Yellow Room

Colorful Bedrooms

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Bed Yellow

Yellow Girl

Tropical Houses

Yellow Decor

If your answers are mostly C's... your color personality is YELLOW! Yellow signals cheerful and a feeling of freshness. It is the ideal color for kitchens but overpowering in small spaces. Soft yellows are warm and inviting and excellent choice for a north facing room like a bedroom. Golden yellows add instant radiance!

Modern Furniture: 2011 Bedroom Decorating Ideas With Yellow Color

Angeles Kim

Kim Woods

Funky Fruit

Shutters Design

Shutters Color

Room Los

Old Shutters

Shutters Bring

Repurposed Shutters

This came from a collection of photos "colors for a North facing room." I can see this in my living room once I get a new couch. Maybe with aqua or eggplant pillows.

8 Colors for North-Facing Rooms

House Beautifulfrom House Beautiful

Make North Feel Like South

Moore'S White

White Half

Half And Half

Exposure Soft

Exposure House

Ipaint North

North Feel

Rm Benjamin

Benjamin Moore White

White Int. Rm BENJAMIN MOORE'S WHITE INT. RM. Mix this with a light pink and you get a perfectly balanced pink.

Make North Feel Like South

House Beautifulfrom House Beautiful

Make North Feel Like South

Benjamin Moore Secluded Beach

Beach Benjamin

Yellow Benjamin

Colors Benjamin

Benjamin Moore'S

Paint North Facing Room

Facing Rooms

Facing Living

Ipaint North

North-facing rooms can go gray, and this will give you some man-made light. It has more color in it than off-white. There's a bit of tan and yellow. It makes me think of butter pecan ice cream. A color as subtle as this looks different on each wall, because the light hits each wall differently. I like that. It makes a room more interesting."-Allison Paladino BENJAMIN MOORE SECLUDED BEACH 899

Make North Feel Like South

House Beautifulfrom House Beautiful

Make North Feel Like South

Mmm Room

Girls'S Room

North Facing Living Room

Facing Rooms

Beautiful Pratt

House Beautiful

Lambert Divinity

29 Sounds

Divinity 30

Paint Colors - Northern Exposure - House Beautiful Pratt Lambert Divinity 30-29 nice w/ sage green sofa

Make North Feel Like South

House Beautifulfrom House Beautiful

Make North Feel Like South

Light Pink Bedroom Walls

Pink Bm

Pink And Green Girls Room

Light Pink Room

Pale Pink Bedroom

Pink And White

White Mix

Perfect Pink Paint Color

Baby Pink Paint

Elephant Pink "If you're not getting a lot of sunlight, you need to create warmth. Pink is what you want. It's beautiful and flattering to any skin tone. But even if you go through every single paint book, there's not a pink you can use, because they all look like bubble gum on the walls. So here's the lowdown: Buy Elephant Pink and White, mix them half and half, and you're set. It's the perfectly balanced pale pink." -William Diamond BENJAMIN MOORE ELEPHANT PINK 2087-70

Make North Feel Like South

Maria Killam | True Colour Expert | Decoratorfrom Maria Killam | True Colour Expert | Decorator

How to Choose Colour for a North Facing Room

York Glenn

Gissler Design

Glenn Gissler

High Wainscoting

Taller Wainscot

Beautiful Wainscoting

Wainscoting Wainscoting

Design Pictures

Ideas Pictures

DARK, NORTH FACING ROOMS ... So to thoroughly answer the question of colour in a north facing room here it is; if you have a north facing room with a small, insignificant window then yes, paint it a rich, dark colour; however if you still have brightness in the room, keeping the colour even a light beige will still add way more warmth and personality to the room over white.

How to Choose Colour for a North Facing Room | Maria Killam