all the time

Sometimes I look at my bathroom floors and counters and think 'How am I not bald?' Or my shower drain.

XD that last one hahaha

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XD Okay, I LITERALLY had to help a kid who was about 11 out of a baby swing because he was super stuck. What is wrong with people? It's called a baby swing for a reason lol


I am now going to say this because people compliment my name all the time. Like, what are you supposed to say when someone compliments your name?


Thinking back to old memories…

Funny pictures about Thinking back to old memories. Oh, and cool pics about Thinking back to old memories. Also, Thinking back to old memories.

i am literally crying i laughed so hard

Going to hell for laughing…

meaning behind joke: you're suppose to eat vegetables to maintain your health. if you don't eat vegetables, your health with degrade and you'll end up in a wheelchair

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Marriage advice: marry someone who has a different favorite cereal than you so they won't eat all of yours.

Give Leonardo His Oscar!

I watched 3 hours of the Oscars to watch him not win -__- Give the man a freaking Oscar. He deserved it I mean geez he has been in how many movies and died in the ester TWICE!

That's neat

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:) ❤ when I first met you I was like, "oh, well this person is going to be awesome." And you were, and now we're bestfriends, and that's neat.