Haunting Moon....

Foggy Moonlit Forest, Perfect for a stroll into the silence every step guided by the moons light.

Beaugency, Loire Valley, France

~Paul & Kelly: Beaugency, Loire Valley, France River Ru runs in the middle of the street Rue de Ru~

Grannys Kitchen in Carlow Ireland | photography by

Grannys Kitchen in Carlow Ireland

by Cuba Gallery

Pink flower - Plants and foliage outdoors. Trees, plants, glowers and gardening.

picnic in canoes | Life on the Lakes Kinfolk

The perfect picnic. Use imagination for your picnic, unusual places and settings, fun ways to get there, exciting food and sights.

Spring Forest, Montecito, California

SEASONAL – SPRING – a time for blossoms and colorful flowers to make an appearance, the cycle of renewal and rebirth among nature continues at the spring forest, montecito, california, photo via acomplete.