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Color of the Week

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sheer neon

color of the week: sheer neon. | Design For Mankind

navy blue!

top ten navy blue items for the summer | Design For Mankind
  • Erin Cureau
    Erin Cureau

    Reminds me of the song "I'm blue. Dabadee dabadii." the real song name I have no idea.

  • Frances Venegas
    Frances Venegas

    I've always loved this color...

  • Donise Stevens
    Donise Stevens

    I'm still stuck on cobalt!

  • 健民 鄭
    健民 鄭


terra cotta!

color of the week: terra cotta | Design For Mankind


color of the week: parrot green | Design For Mankind
  • Corrine Hathaway
    Corrine Hathaway

    Love the color!

  • Angie Parr
    Angie Parr

    Love the color

  • Helen Thornton
    Helen Thornton

    To be sure to be sure.. Love emerald green as its my birth stone...

  • Jo Lucas
    Jo Lucas


  • Dora Garza
    Dora Garza

    I too love green, all shades. This one is my fav

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Design For Mankind | Attempting a life well-designed.

    I love your color layouts, I've put some together and i know it's a labour of love!!

  • Linda Chase
    Linda Chase

    I thought of The Devil Wears Prada too- but I love your choices here!

  • Monica Lisete
    Monica Lisete

    OMG! its blue ♥

  • Callie Cochran
    Callie Cochran

    This makes me happy just to gaze at it. Blue does it for me.

  • Che Ng
    Che Ng

    My favorite!

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fiery pink!

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  • Judy Waskey
    Judy Waskey

    Love love love pink

  • Amanduh Rens
    Amanduh Rens

    pink on pink on pink! i'm even more obsessed w pink now it's not helping that i'm wearing a pink tank under a pink shirt with a part pink sweater and pink shoes haha

stormy blue :)

color of the week: stormy blue | Design For Mankind
  • Jenny Liu
    Jenny Liu

    The color of dusk, my favorite time of day :)

  • Social Network Strategies
    Social Network Strategies

    The color has a serenity about it

  • Di Livingston
    Di Livingston

    I like a;; but number 5, not my style. I like matching or doing hot colors.

  • Jackie Jerrier Geary
    Jackie Jerrier Geary

    Di. I agree

  • Diedre Hudson
    Diedre Hudson

    love this bag


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  • Linda Emmons
    Linda Emmons


  • Jared Drube
    Jared Drube

    follow the grape vine!

  • Alma Shaffer
    Alma Shaffer

    love the color

  • Diedre Hudson
    Diedre Hudson

    My daughter would love this backpack

  • Arlene Schaffer
    Arlene Schaffer

    Love all the bright colors

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mint julep!

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  • Bogie Bacall Vintage Jewelry and Finds
    Bogie Bacall Vintage Jewelry and Finds

    That color makes you calm just looking at it!

  • Carole Cummings
    Carole Cummings

    One of my favorite colors.

  • Mistinguetts Bastogne
    Mistinguetts Bastogne

    great colour, love it!

  • EquineRescueNetwork and Hope4Horses
    EquineRescueNetwork and Hope4Horses

    I'd prefer the drink.

  • Diedre Hudson
    Diedre Hudson

    that couch is really nice.

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color of the week: mossy green. | Design For Mankind
  • Beau Monde Organics
    Beau Monde Organics

    very cool shade of green

  • Christina Morales
    Christina Morales

    love these green items

  • Lindi's Way
    Lindi's Way

    Go Green!

  • Deirdre B Pride
    Deirdre B Pride

    Love this hue of green

  • Diedre Hudson
    Diedre Hudson

    mature green

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  • OrbitTours Thailand
    OrbitTours Thailand favourite...well peachy coral lol

  • Ruthi Pfleiderer
    Ruthi Pfleiderer

    I love that shoes!!!

  • Cory Kierstead
    Cory Kierstead


  • Brenette Netters
    Brenette Netters

    love the colors

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color of the week: peach | Design For Mankind
  • Paulette Baker
    Paulette Baker

    Love that color!

  • Phosphor Watches
    Phosphor Watches

    Love this color! Cute items.

  • Alex Leigh
    Alex Leigh

    awesome! i'm way into this color

  • Lauren Bever
    Lauren Bever

    cant resist peach!

  • Amy-lee Moriin
    Amy-lee Moriin

    perfect for summer!

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  • Susan Pitlosh-Knapp
    Susan Pitlosh-Knapp

    Where can I buy this from?

  • Alyssa Sowersby
    Alyssa Sowersby

    Pampered Chef has some amazing pink products for Breast Cancer awareness! I am a consultant so I know :)

  • Yasemin Acar Avseren
    Yasemin Acar Avseren

    ı love you pink

  • Colleen Putnam Snider
    Colleen Putnam Snider

    Want the mint top & skirt

powder blue

color of the week: powder blue. | Design For Mankind
  • Joanne Fruman
    Joanne Fruman

    Anything Blue or Pink

  • Caitlin Dent
    Caitlin Dent


  • Traci Robinson
    Traci Robinson

    Love the chair.

  • Theresa Aceves
    Theresa Aceves

    me to the chair is awesome, where could I get one?

  • Joanne Fruman
    Joanne Fruman

    At Barnes and Noble

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  • Jen Garrett
    Jen Garrett

    Orange is my favorite color this is awesome

  • Nikoline Lingskov
    Nikoline Lingskov

    orange can be a pretty color to! :-)

  • Deb McLaughlin
    Deb McLaughlin

    love orange.....

  • Daynah-La L
    Daynah-La L

    ahh orange! hehe

  • Nicole Furness
    Nicole Furness

    I need one of everything off here!!!

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color of the week: pinkberry | Design For Mankind
  • Stacy Geisinger
    Stacy Geisinger


  • Cindy Matteson Hoar
    Cindy Matteson Hoar

    I would wear the boots, the sunglasses and the necklace to work out in my gardens. pink and flowers make me happy!

  • Chontaine Frisby
    Chontaine Frisby

    Agree with Patty! Totally my happy color =)

  • Ginny Burnett
    Ginny Burnett

    Bubble gum pink!

  • Screwing The Rules
    Screwing The Rules

    QC Pink! Couldn't be more obsessed with this Pin if I tried! xx

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color of the week: marigold. | Design For Mankind
  • Screwing The Rules
    Screwing The Rules

    I do have a soft spot for marigold. It's such a beautiful, happy, rich color!

  • Valda Rubio
    Valda Rubio

    love this colour

  • Diedre Hudson
    Diedre Hudson

    Magnificent Marigold

  • Arlene Schaffer
    Arlene Schaffer

    My favorite color


color of the week: salmon. | Design For Mankind
  • Marie Kim
    Marie Kim

    so lovely~^^

  • Erica Thomas
    Erica Thomas

    One of my favorite colors!!

  • Chontaine Frisby
    Chontaine Frisby

    Spring Chic!

  • Ruthi Pfleiderer
    Ruthi Pfleiderer

    I like everything! And the color too!

mint green!

color of the week: mint green. | Design For Mankind
  • Inga Naïs
    Inga Naïs

    so in ♥ with that color !

kelly green!

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tomato red!

color of the week: tomato red. | Design For Mankind

hi-liter yellow!

color of the week: hi-liter yellow. | Design For Mankind

cobalt blue!

color of the week: cobalt blue. | Design For Mankind
  • Nicole Jaden
    Nicole Jaden

    Absolutely adore Cobalt Blue!!

  • Jun Nakajima
    Jun Nakajima

    I love bule


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