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Funny pictures about At a women's equality demonstration. Oh, and cool pics about At a women's equality demonstration. Also, At a women's equality demonstration.


Hilary Clinton is a strong role model in today's society when it comes to women and feminism. She declare that women's rights unfinished business of the century. She made this speech at the women's annual Women in World Summit April

- Laurie Penny

"Rather than fighting for every woman’s right to feel beautiful, I would like to see the return of a kind of feminism that tells women and girls everywhere that maybe it’s all right not to be pretty and perfectly well behaved.

women's rights

Women are HALF the world’s population, Work TWO THIRDS of the world’s working hours, Receiving of the world’s income, Owning less than of the world’s property. Anyone who thinks we have.

And what are we teaching girls about how much value they have? We Need To Teach Boys That Being “A Girl” Is Not An Insult (plus 20 other viral memes about boys that are a MUST read)!

past the whole "Keep Calm" thing.

Those who choose to ignore politics often have their choices made for them, and that's not me.

this is what a feminist looks like

If you believe in equal human rights, you are a feminist. Women's rights are human rights.

Feminism is not a bad word.  If you are a woman or even a man that thinks women are equal to men, then you're a feminist.

feminism is hated because women are hated. anti-feminism is a direct expression of misogyny; it is the political defense of women hating.

2 million

million girls ages 5 - 15 are forced into the commercial sex market each year." How terribly tragic. If I were a man, I'd be totally ashamed of my gender.