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Photo tip on using color to improve your shot.
Using Color in Your Images
Where there’s blue water, I wear a swimsuit that pops against the background. Red, pink, or orange against blue really stands out. I’m floating on top of Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island, Bahamas.
a woman with blonde hair and blue shirt
Erin Manning Wins Second Silver Telly Award
Erin Manning Wins Second Silver Telly Award
a person holding up a cell phone with a flower on the screen in front of them
5 tips for taking perfect plant photos with phone
Capture perfect plant photo with phone
the silhouette of a person standing on a beach at sunset with text overlay reading 10 tips to capture silhouette photos
10 Incredibly Easy Tips to Silhouette Photography | Click it Up a Notch®
Silhouette Photos: 10 Tips for Capturing Them
a painting of pink flowers in a vase
Cool Smartphone Apps - Erin Manning
Cool Smartphone Apps
a young boy is playing on a wooden structure with his hands over the bars and smiling at the camera
Home - Erin Manning
Framing in an image helps you direct the viewers eye to the main subject. You can frame a shot with a lot of different elements, architectural or organic. Here’s a shot of Dylan at the playground, framed by the multicolored bars on the jungle gym. #kidsphotography #play #erinmanning
a woman holding an iphone in her right hand and looking at the camera with surprised expression
5 iPhone Travel Photo Tips
5 iPhone Travel Photo Tips | Erin Manning | LinkedIn
a cell phone sitting in the sand with an umbrella sticking out of it's back
5 Fun Travel Photo Apps
a woman standing in front of a yellow and blue door with her arms outstretched out
5 Fun Travel Photo Tips | Erin Manning | LinkedIn
Canon U.S.A., Inc.
Speedlite basics...while this is written for a Canon speedlite, much is applicable for other speedlites
a woman wearing a santa hat on top of a hill near the ocean and beach
Have Your Selfie a Merry Little Christmas
Three easy photo tips for capturing a great selfie. Thanks to LPF Studio for shooting and editing! @lpfstudio1 #lpfstudio #pocketpack
a man and woman sitting in chairs talking to each other on the television show picture - perfect holidays
Erin on The CBS Early Show - Holiday Special
This is a fun Christmas Day special where I share holiday photo tips with my favorite host, Dave Price.
a pair of earrings sitting on top of a table
Macro Photography Tips - Erin Manning
What’s so special about a macro lens? Can’t you just use any old lens and move it to within inches of whatever you’re shooting? Well, no. Read on and find out why!
three pieces of cake on a white plate with raspberries and coffee in the background
Looks Yummy Photo Contest
"LooksYummyPhotoContest" - Cooking something yummy for the holidays? Photograph it and enter this contest! There are some very cool prizes ;->