This is adorable

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Hit song

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I will too

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Tiny essay

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Erin Tyler Young

Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe in a wig…


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seriously though...

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This is awful....and hilarious at the same time!

download my trendingapp • Best censoring award goes to this guy.

I laughed WAY too hard at this

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Never fails to make me chuckle.

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Being an adult means never having to show your work on a math problem. ♥ღ It's as awesome as it sounds, kids.

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Hahaha only for chocolate chip cookies on Sundays with the family... Only half of the dough gets cooked into actual cookies haha

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Lol I will be this parent. I have these parents but they don't give me cake.: Cake, Giggle, Awesome Parenting, D Awwww, Funny Tumblr Posts, Sweet Tumblr Posts

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I would watch that.

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This Is Awesome.

While playing Rollercoaster Tycoon…

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Funny Pictures Of The Day - 77 Pics

Why is this so funny lol

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I need help. Like, serious help. I can't stop laughing. Is that bad?

The best plate for pizza…

Just Let It In<<<<I did, we're having tea now<<<<< It wants me back, I told it no. I already replaced it with another. XD

Just Let It In - The Meta Picture

We've all been there...

That moment of complete desperation…

Perfect. This is perfect. Ellen's favorite tweets. But seriously her face on the napkin tweet. The best.

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