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Eron Thompson

Liberty, MO / Boy. 26. Gay. Barista.
Eron Thompson
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What is this? I don't even.

Don't argue with it. Just let the beauty of this amazingly hilarious Master Chief cosplay sink in to your memory, to be recalled at a really inappropriate moment when you should not be laughing. The professor/your boss will understand.

AMAZING Nightmare Before Christmas wedding cake!

We can live like Jack & Sally if you want. My wife, Liu Jolivet Worms, made this cake topper for our wedding cake.

I would consider this inspirational. It inspires me to do graffiti and then feel absolutely no guilt about it afterwards.

Banksy on Advertising. This man is a god amongst men. Banksy en Advertising u People are taking the piss out of you everyday. They butt into your life, take a c advertising Banksy cool