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Which redirect should I use

The perfect WordPress SEO permalink structure

This post discusses the perfect WordPress SEO URL, and explains why it is important. It also covers questions on performance and migration.

Top WordPress Plugins Every Blog Should Have

These are 12 top WordPress plugins your blog shouldn't be without, they're the minimum set I work with on almost any site.

SEO basics: What is SEO

What is SEO? SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. With SEO you aim to make websites rank high in Google. Learn the basics here!

SEO basics: What is content marketing

Content marketing contains all marketing strategies that focus sharing information. It is an important aspect of an SEO strategy.

Why should you use multiple focus keywords

Using the multiple focus keyword functionality of Yoast SEO Premium, allows you to optimize your post for multiple focus keywords.

A new home for our Google Analytics plugins

Our Google Analytics by Yoast plugin has a new home and will henceforth be known as Monster Insights, led by Syed Balkhi and his team.