Landscaping can sometimes seem like a costly overwhelming project. It doesn't have to be, you can change the look of the front of your home with this easy Do It Yourself project that takes less than half a day. Revamp the walkway to your front door in under $40! (Click on photo to see how to do it!)

Create your Own Stone Walkway for less than $40 -

To tackle side yard landscaping (or any area really), the first step is often levelling the ground and prepping the area for what will be going on top (whether it’s pavers, stones, grass, etc!).

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Landscaping idea for the side of the house using hydrangea bushes.

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We have rocks around our house due to drainage issues - might have to add some plants like these!

VERTIGO and outdoor landscaping. - 4 Men 1 Lady

Large fairy garden!!! Side of house!!! Please summer... I'm begging as a Chicago person to please come soon

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Golden Mop, or golden thread false cypress - would be pretty next to royal purple smokebush

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Choose tall varieties that have dark green foliage to accentuate bright colors. Or select cultivars with colorful foliage (such as the blue spruce shown here) to add interest to your plantings. Test Garden Tip: Pay attention to plant shapes. Tall, upright evergreens create wonderful contrasts with mounded perennials and grasses, for example.

Use Evergreens to Make an Impact

Skyrocket Juniper (Eastern Redcedar) USDA zones 3 to 9. Grows up to 30 feet high and 6 to 8 feet wide. Sun to part shade.

Narrow, Upright Conifers

Snowdrop | Winter Garden Plants

9 Winter Garden Plants That Dazzle Even in Snow: Flowering quince (Chaenomeles)

Stunning Selection A simple way to create a harmonious color combination is to select two of the same plants in different colors. Here, purple and white colchicums, their blooms nearly identical, create a pretty springtime flower vignette Learn more about fall-blooming colchicum.

Exquisite Purple and White Flower Combinations

Allium - Need to order these to plant in the fall

Giant Allium Purple Mixture

Alliums or ornamental onions are critter resistant and easy to grow bulbs that come in many colors, heights, and bloom times. Planted in the fall, they grow best in full sun. They reach heights of 5-60" tall and grow in zones 4-10.

My Life is My Story: September 2010

Alliums, Ours are typically 3ft tall, related to the onion, deer resistant, can be pink, purple, white, blue. Our neighbors spray paint them red, white, and blue after they dry up in June until the fourth of July.

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Allium Bulbs Gladiator from American Meadows, your trusted source for Allium Flower Bulbs. We offer gardeners guaranteed Allium Bulbs Gladiator and all the information and confidence needed to succeed.

Allium Bulbs Gladiator | American Meadows

Snowdrop | Winter Garden Plants

9 Winter Garden Plants That Dazzle Even in Snow: Flowering quince (Chaenomeles)

crocus - spring has arrived **I place these bulbs in a shallow dish, pointy side up, some gravel, sunny window and in water just up to the bottom of the bulb and they grow! Also, daffodils, etc. very easy (;

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Grape hyacinths are another fav of mine. I think they are prettiest paired up with another these happy daffodils!

Ellementary Home: Yellow + Purple

What could be more adorable in the garden than the tiny 'Tete a Tete' Daffodil? These Mini Daffodils are early bloomers and are a favorite in garden borders, as well as rock gardens. Its long lasting flowers are a golden, buttercup yellow with darker centers and will light up areas of groundcover. Cutting just a few to put in a small simply bud vase can bring joy to an entire room. Also, try planting in a pot for some sunshine indoors this spring!

Dwarf Daffodils: Tete A Tete Daffodil Bulbs

Pictured above are 9 hardy bulbs you can plant in the fall for spring show. Most of theses are hardy from zones 4 and up. Tips on Planting

flores del sol: planting bulbs in fall part II

Pink Buttons Optimal Growing Conditions Appearance and Characteristics Sun Exposure Full Sun or Partial Shade Soil Type Normal or Sandy or Clay Soil pH Neutral or Alkaline or Acid Soil Moisture Average Care Level Easy Flower Colour Light Pink Blooming Time Early Summer Mid Spring Late Spring

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could easily substitute old security doors or old windows or even wrought iron window covers - clever!

How To Create An Inviting Outdoor Room

diy toad house

Indulgy - Everyone deserves a perfect world!

Landscaping on a slope - My Gramma had a beautiful rock garden on her slope. I loved just sitting in it on a smooth gray rock looking at everything growing.

Welcome to my garden gallery

Maiden Grass (tall ornamental grass)

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Soften Hardscaping Whether it's walls, paving, or other hardscapes, ornamental grasses can soften their look and keep them from feeling cold and uninviting. Here, for example, a mass of miscanthus softens the concrete edge of a swimming pool. Test Garden Tip: Grasses are especially great choices for planting near swimming pools. Because the grasses don't bloom, they don't attract bees.

15 Ways to Use Ornamental Grasses in Your Landscape