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a cartoon character holding an umbrella with the caption, remember anyone can love you when the sun is shining in the storm's where you learn who truly cares for you
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two signs that say don't panic, organize and do not feed the fish
Homepage - Downtown PRO - Betty – Be true to yourself
Millor anar a la una!!
Millor anar a la una!!
there is a book cover with an image of two bears and a bear on a boat
Junts podem!
llibre infantil per ensenyar la importància del treball en equip
three angry birds standing next to each other in front of a pile of wood chips
Pigeons - Cute animation cartoon
Pigeons - Cute animation cartoon great to teach character analysis, plot, problem solution, etc.
two ants are standing on top of a piece of wood
How awesome is this photo. Very cool.
a piece of paper with a drawing of two toasted breads and the words, la importante no sei iguables
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Treball en #equip
black and white drawing of children holding boxes
Treball en equip
there are many pictures hanging on the wall with blue string attached to it and some magnets in front of them
Cargos aprendizaje cooperativo
an image of a poster with alligators on it's head and words written in spanish
two cartoon characters are talking to each other
La Liebre y La Tortuga 3D
La Liebre y La Tortuga 3D treball en equip
a seagull sitting on top of a pile of crab legs in the sand
Unos pequeños vídeos para fomentar el espíritu colaborativo y el trabajo en equipo en el aula.