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Hairpin Lace Joinings and Edgings

Hairpin Lace Crochet: Joining Strips with a Cable Join

Ажурное пончо I am one of those crocheters who admires from a distance the beauty of hairpin lace crochet but have never actually done any if this technique. In other words, I am "hairpin lace fork challenged!" LOL Check this out...this shawl is amazingly like hairpin lace crochet on a hairpin lace fork, but it isn't! Wow, I love this!!! It is a good alternative to hairpin lace! #hairpinlace #leeannh #crochetgottaloveit #fakehairpinlace #hairpinlacelookalike

love this stitch and this yarn

brooklyn tweed pattern. love what that man does with lace patterns writ large!.

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