OMG soooo cute and looks soooo easy to do! Maybe I can get my mom to collect a big old box of pinecones up there in Idaho and send them to me down here in so cal! Then all we'll need is a big old bag of those pompoms from JoAnn's! My new "go to" christmas craft! Yay!

Pinecone Christmas Trees What you need: Pinecones Small pom poms Craft glue What you do: This is one of the easiest holiday crafts for kids. Give each child a collection of small pom poms and glue. Let each child add to create their own holiday tree!


PineCone Cluster/Wreath -Nature Winter Decor

Comes in a cluster of eight pinecones & green gingham ribbon and green bow accents. twenty-four inches from top of ribbon to bottom of pinecones. Pinecones are approx. thinking i would use the cinnamon pinecones

This will be an absolute MUST for the holidays. - Get branches and pine cones from

Natural 2015 Christmas Decorations, Natural pine cone 2015 Christmas Decor, branches and pinecones centerpiece this would be beautiful for New Year's Eve - Love these super bowl 2015 valentine flower centerpiece logo by lovelygirls

pine cone = wreath.

Frosty Pine Cone Natural Wreath

Frosty Pine Cone Natural Wreath by WestTwinCreationsLLC on Etsy! Would be cute with other decorations!

Tiny Pine Cone Elves.

Tiny Pine Cone Elves set of 3 ornaments by kaniko on .I can make these I have tons of pine cones!

Outdoor kids craft: turn pinecones and twigs into a bouquet of flowers.

Pinecone Roses from Rhonda at Mrs. Greene

Outdoor kids craft: turn pinecones and twigs into a bouquet of flowers. I'm always looking for ideas for pinecones!

Easy Pinecone Ornaments!!!  Could use any color lace!!!

Craft Supplies: Pinecone Gold spray paint Ribbon scraps of choice (I used 1 inch wide gold and inch wide green) Hot glue gun and glue Craft Instructions: Very lightly spray your pinecone with gold paint. Allow the paint to dry.

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