Capsule wardrobes Idea

starter business casual capsule wardrobe checklist (Outfit Posts)

Outfit Posts: starter business casual capsule wardrobe checklist- works for any capsule wardrobe idea really

Mix n max 13 pieces for 30 different outfits!

idea of what a capsule wardrobe looks like; 13 basic pieces worn 30 different ways. This is what chic homeschool moms are all about.

Not only does packing everything in a carry on let you breeze through the airport (which, in this day and age is reason enough for me), but it makes traveling in general so much more pleasurable. No more wardrobe melt-downs. No more lugging around cumbersome items on cobblestone streets. Ever since adapting these rules for myself, travelling…

How to Pack for a Week in a Carry On (in Style)

"Capsule Wardrobe -- Fall/Winter" by cocogolightly on Polyvore

have a few versatile, much-loved pieces to mix and match creates a small yet stylish wardrobe w/numerous options for almost every occasion/setting, which means you can spend more on better quality (I really need to cull my closet, blah)

This is a great way to take 13 pieces and build an entire wardrobe around them.

13 pieces - 31 days of outfits. so tempting to throw out my wadrobe and buy these 13 pieces because i hate all my clothes right now! Wonder how long it would take me to sew most of these.

Olive pants + white shirt + brown flats + gold accessories

Olive pants + white shirt + brown flats + gold accessories Love the colored pants to be more casual and yet professional in the classroom. Like this entire outfit.

Must have clothing items classics for wardrobe

The classic wardrobe must haves. ( more classic than my Boho style but still there's some good ideas here)