Telar Pinocho PR

Telar Pinocho PR



Peines de acero para telar. 3'5 dientes/cm. 60cm. ancho x 11,7 alto. 33€ . Sevilla

Peine de Acero para Telar 60 cm 3 dientes/cm

Ahrens Loom, two-beam, it can turn vertically for storage. Four heddles.

Beams and Winding on - Ahrens Looms



YARN BOWL - regular - Wheel thrown, hand altered and sculpted. Just a friendly face to join you while you knit or crochet.


Micki 10.0259.00 - Telar en madera [Importado de Alemania]: Juguetes y juegos 34,95€

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Toika :: Leena telar de mesa, 4/8 lizos, fabricado en Finlandia

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Louet Jane looms, ancho en 40, plegable, hasta 8 lizos

Telar de sobremesa Louet Jane 40

Merceria Online

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"Baby Mac", fabricado por Macomber Looms (USA). Telar plegable. 3 medidas: 16" (4 lizos), 20" y 24" (8 lizos".


COMPRADO Ickle Inkle + table clamp and 3-4” shuttle Maximum Warp 1.8 metres and Weft 5.5cm £34.95 Posted Royal Mail International Tracked and signed to Spain for £13.00 (delivery 3-5 days).

IckleInkle loom, shuttle, bag

TELART (España) telar inkle pequeño. Tamaño: 53 x 14 cm. Alto: 24 cm. Cinta: 1.5 m. x 8 cm. Peso: 1.120 kg. Precio: 49€ + envío (7.30€)


The new Sleigh Inkle Loom - Dovetail Creations. UK

Dovetail Creations - Home of the new Sleigh Inkle Loom

Martha Stewart Crafts Lion Brand Yarn Knit & Weave Loom Kit : This playlist includes 24 videos with tutorials on knitting and weaving on the Martha Stewart Crafts™ Lion Brand Yarn Knit and Weave Loom kit; you can also see the many different configurations that can be created with the loom.

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Inklette (Ashford). Largo de tejido: 1.8m (72ins)

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Ganchillos intercambiables (para afgano o tunecino).

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