Cult of Pedagogy

Can-Do Descriptors: A Free Tool for ESL Differentiation

English Language Learners and Culture

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conectores en inglés en PDF

Conectores en inglés (PDF, ejemplos y pronunciación)

Learn more about classroom accommodations for special #education students and receive a FREE copy of this accommodations printable!

Special Education Accommodations

ESL English as Second Language - This 4-page guide was created to accompany ESL courses. This guide includes the basics of English in a simple, easy-to-use format. #ESL #English #education #teachers #TPT #teaching #Spanish #students #education

Robot Check

Free! I hope this product is helpful and enables ESL teachers to avoid some awkward moments with those who do not understand their roles. It is my wish that classroom teachers will be more empowered by knowing the learning stages for their ELL babies.

The Five Stages of Language Acquisition Made Easy

GLAD Water Cycle charts for English Language Development with Dual-Language First Graders

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27 ideas for assessing your students' prior knowledge. From An Ethical Island.

An Ethical Island

Events in Instruction- Event #3

Harness the power of audiobooks to help students build fluency and comprehension! Audiobooks are a power-tool in the classroom! This blog post explains how to use them effectively to engage your students and build their reading skills!

Literary Sherri: Use Audiobooks to Build Fluency and Comprehension

Freebie! Check out my top 21 list of fun songs to help you teach English! Includes suggested songs for the beginning/end of the year, vocabulary, verb tenses, and other special occasions. ESL 7th-12th gr.

Songs My ESL Teacher Taught Me

Assessment in the ESL Classroom: 6 Important Things You Need to Know

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Blogger Anne OBrien proposes schools follow best practices in supporting English learners and to better leverage the strengths that these students offer to improve schooling for all.


English Learners and 21st-Century Literacy

Larry Ferlazzo and Katie Hull Sypnieski explain how English-language learners must develop academic language proficiency as well as communicative competence, and provide a lesson plan they have used successfully with their ELL students.


English-Language Learners and Academic Language

Fifty Strategies for Teaching English Language Learners (4th Edition) (Teaching Strategies Series)

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From Teaching Channel: "Teacher Toolkit: English Language Learners" -- A meta list of links to online resources in four categories about teaching ELLs: Best Practices, Lesson Ideas and Strategies, Planning, Teaching Channel Q&A; some links are from 2013 and others from 2014.

English Language Learners: Teacher Toolkit


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Learning verbs using pictures

Learning verbs with pictures English basics

Teaching Strategies for English Language Learners. This website looks at vocabulary development through creating dictionaries, drawings, and more.

Scholastic Teachers
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Culture- Understanding the backgrounds of yours students to engage them in their learning

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ELLs in the Classroom- Do's and Don'ts! (Plus more in the blog post.)

Fun in Room 4B

Fun in Room 4B: ELLs in the Classroom {A Bright Idea}

5 Tips to Help ESL Students on the First Day of School

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10 Ways to Build ELL Vocabulary

WeAreTeachers: 10 Ways to Build ELL Vocabulary Skills

Using Photos With English Language Learners


Using Photos With English-Language Learners

By engaging ELLs with creating, identifying, and narrating through photographs, you can help them learn language by challenging their thinking in other media.


Literacy Through Photography for English-Language Learners

Aspects Of Culture

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