Anime/manga: Naruto (Shippuden) Characters: Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, Kakashi, Yamato, and Sai, chibi!

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2 tails

The Hidden Clouds Yugito Nii of the Two Tailed Cat, Matatabi

Naruto vs Sasuke

The story of two best friends, one a dunce, and the other a genius. Then having to fight each other. Yeah, I think Naruto's gonna stay popular for a long time.

Naruto - Sakura

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Naruto - Hinata

“Anime/manga: Naruto (Shippuden) Character: Hinata” Yes, honestly one of my favorite female characters! Finally a female character who isn’t completely useless nor weak. Go Hinata!

So adorable

Young Naruto stuffing his face with Ichiraku ramen. I wonder who is holding up that bowl of ramen? Those are not Naruto's hands. They look like Kakashi's hands. So does that mean he used to take care of Naruto even before team

Naruto Uzumaki - #Naruto #Anime #gif

Naruto crying in the rain. Could it be becuase of Neji's death?Or maybe Hinata is missing?