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reuse the bottoms of plastic bottles, add a zipper and you have a cute container

Five simple ways to reuse old plastic water bottles



RECYCLED BOTTLE CASCADE CHANDELIER HauteGreen 2007, Green design exhibition, HauteGREEN, New York Design Week, Reclaiming Design, Michelle Brand Cascade Lamps, Recycled Water Bottle Chandeliers – Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture, Green Building

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I just wanted to share the ghostie I made for my grandkids for Halloween. He is a 3D ghostie. His head is made from a white plastic globe shaped light fixture cover. His body is made from recycled water bottles that I painted, glittered and cut into spirals. I painted a different friendly face on on the front & the back of the head - the kids are too young for scary. The head has a bit of a green cast to it from the glow in the dark spray paint I used on it - it doesn't glow very much…

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3. Curtains You simply cut up rectangles, connect them using rings, and hang. Easy-peasy! This is a fantastic milk jug DIY idea because you can be …

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