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Small rose temporary tattoo

I love tattoos with a vintage feel to it and this drawing of roses is absolutely perfect. A temporary tattoo for any occ

Fun DIY Tree of LIfe Decoration and Ideas | DIY Wire Tree by DIY Ready at

Looking for some DIY tree of life ideas? If you want to make art, crafts and even jewelries that are inspired with the tree of life this list is for you.

bouquet gift wrap toppers

bouquet gift wrap toppers

Troncos que forman una mesa con luz.

Ohio River driftwood, converted lantern, brass table top, and massive rope allcome together perfectly for this awesome "nautical feel" floor lamp. I think it would make an excellent mail box stand and solar lantern would be awesome too.

Check out how to make an easy DIY Hammock Chair for bedroom decor Industry Standard Design

Do you have some spare unoccupied space in your bedroom? You can make use of it by placing a chair there, or better yet, make it a DIY hammock chair

Así pero funda de Crochet

Ikea stool and white mongolian lamb cushion cover. Remove seat from stool, use it to draw two circles: 1 on wooden board, 1 on thick foam. Cut out circles. Glue foam to board, lay flannel over board/foam staple to back of board.