Espace Nord Ouest

Espace Nord Ouest

france / All trends are represented: from 17th to 20th century classics to a great range of old industrial furniture, ancient architectural & elements garden.
Espace Nord Ouest
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dydactic flowers

Set of 2 dydactic flowers from a german school H H

guillerme et chambron buffet

Nice guillerme et chambron buffet with ceramic decoration

distressed french pannel doors

Nice distressed french pannel doors Set of 2 pair original paint

rare 19 TH louis 16 cabinet

rare 19 TH louis 16 cabinet with one door Original mirror, false drawer very nice quality

copper engraving panels

copper engraving panels

confortable circular sofa

Unusual confortable circular sofa Very good condition new fabric HB HS W D

blue painted industrial cabinet

blue painted industrial cabinet 2 available

three french bistrot mirrors

Nice set of three french bistrot mirrors with original patina and mirror Original wooden back

curious brandy distributor

curious brandy distributor

yellow tolix console

Pair of yellow tolix console Design Xavier Pauchard

midcentury console and coat rack

midcentury console and coat rack in chrome metal and wood circa 1970 height for the caot rack 172 cm