Anger rules - I believe these rules are from either "There's a Volcano in My Tummy, or "Seeing Red"--both great books!

Anger Rules- LOVE this! Great for children who can't read or struggle with reading. The pictures help children to remember the anger rules better, too.

Preschool Visual Supports

Kindergarten--This would be great for transitioning students from desk work to circle time. Students will learn what is expected of them in order to start the lesson. Very cool idea and makes it easy for teachers and students to be on the same page.

Visual Schedule with Picture and Object Support (CVI)

Visual Schedule with Picture and Object Support (CVI). Great way to receive information for deafblind students who rely on touch to get information. Purpose: internal dialogue, information transfer

Creating Visual Schedules for Children

Considerate Classroom: Early Childhood Special Education Edition: Individualized First Then Visual Schedules definitely adding the "break" option to the boys' F/T