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an advertisement for a bicycle with wheels on the front and rear wheel, in yellow background
the front wheel of a bicycle is shown
The Service Course: Legor Cicli LWTUA Gravel Bike – the Service Course
a close up of a bike tire and spokes on the front end of a bicycle
Marshall Modified - Loose Goose
two bikes are shown side by side on a black background, with shadows from the floor
0 - E-BIKE
With the core advantages of mid-step framework and low cost, create a classic urban travel EBIKE commuter vehicle series. The technological characteristics of the iron frame technology platform and the optimization of the whole vehicle experience are taken as the entry point, and the whole vehicle's. Features and functions are integrated to form a unique E-BIKE. #design #bike #espritdesign
an orange bike is parked on the street with it's seat folded back and handlebars down
August Bicycles Commuter Bike
August Bicycles Commuter Bike
a man riding a bike down a street next to a white wall and holding his arms in the air
Le vélo révolutionné par l’inventeur français de la poussette Yoyo ?
Gilles Henry est obsédé pour le pliage. Une obsession qui l’avait mené à révolutionner le petit monde de la poussette en proposant une version innovante, basée sur un système de pliage. Plusieurs années plus tard, après 8 ans de développement, l’industriel revient à la charge avec l’envie cette fois de s’attaquer au très prolifique marché du vélo urbain. #design #bike
Gaya Bike à la conquête de Lyon
Petite prise en main de notre Gaya Bike le temps d'une semaine, où comment visiter lyon autrement © Matthieu Coin
a bicycle parked next to a pile of wood
bicycle prototype by paolo de giusti experiments with wheel-ratio ergonomics
a wheel chair sitting on top of a cement floor next to a wall with concrete walls behind it
le GRAND PROJET par Paul de Livron - Blog Esprit Design
le GRAND PROJET par Paul de Livron
MyHelmet : Studio MOM invente un casque durable à base de mycélium et de chanvre
a close up of a bike with bars on it's front wheel and back tire
Viks by Velonia Bicycles
Viks by Velonia Bicycles
two different views of the same bike
A Bicycle Born in the Sky - Yanko Design
This stunning roadster bike looks to the sky for avian inspiration! It’s called the Wing Cycle and its frame veers from the traditional diamond shape, instead adopting the form of a bird wing structure. This includes a mesmerizing cable wire design that supports the seat. Furthermore, the cable rope system can be adjusted to change the position of the seat for different riding modes.
a bike is parked in the middle of a room
beautiful and strange bicycles
a bike is hanging on the wall next to speakers and a speaker system in front of a window