The Spirit of the Time

A colour based text & image project by Daniel Dugas. The existence of colours precedes classification and human evolution on this planet. Sunsets were red and…
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there was, in all of this great architecture, an incredible cacophony
an image of a desert landscape with the words mes reves se balancent dans l'event
there is a bird flying in the air with a quote about it's hard to be still when all is not
the shadow of a person holding a cell phone in front of a sign that says, we become you and me the same cloud
three people standing in front of an outcropping with the words between day and night
an image of a red dirt field with the words nous sommes devenis du sable mouvants
an advertisement for the film on drait le couple chem'dans l'elim beat the devil
a close up of a piece of paper with writing on it
the statue is holding an umbrella in front of a brick wall with words reading nonchalance et blancheur
the miniature world stands still on top of some papers with words above it and below them
a stack of books sitting on the ground next to a wall with words above it
an airplane with the words see the city under the rail one more time
there is a quote on the wall that says, their heads are resting on the satin beds their dreams are of beauty
a book with an image of a red apple on the cover and words written in french
there are many pictures on the table with words above them that say, from the sidewalk view we are left to ponder about their origins
a close up of a clay face with words above it that read sac de frape attend un coup de pied
a window with graffiti written on it in front of a storefront and the words, au - dela de ces spirales d'argeurs d'aren i'en l'av la voir
a small dog standing on top of a dirt field
an advertisement for a skateboard shop with graffiti written on the window and in french
a painting with the words what is this thin seam almost a bend among people and nature
a close up of a metal object with words on the front and back cover in white
a man sitting on top of a bench next to a window with the words, a picture left to sweat in the sun and to freeze in the night Disney, Bananas Whiskers Jade, Jericho
there are many boats in the water at this marina and one is saying, the super yachts are tied up to the super wharf
an image of a man standing in front of a pig with a caption that reads, it is not about la vie en rose but death in pink Roses, Feelings, Mists, Bed
the man with the golden voice wants to know everything he has in his life quote