patterns for stencil

patterns for stencil. Some of these look possible with a stencil cutter, especially smaller sections of patterns for collage or mixed media.

El alma reclama amor y dolor, aventuras y desgracias, dichas y rechazos, solo asi la mantienes funcionando como debe ser. Una fina maquinaria inviaible e incorporea.

No te consideras ni introvertido ni extrovertido, ¿cuál es tu rasgo más dominante?

Here, you can really feel the air that girl is feeling too. With her hair all over the place, you can assume that the wind source is coming from below her and makes her hair move. Her hair is also very nice!

#ClippedOnIssuu from Drawings by Nikolay Blokhin

Drawings by Nikolay Blokhin

Latin beauty

Re-did Jessica Rabbit. I'm leaving it in black and white for now just until I actually find the motivation and interest enough to finish colour it in. Jessica Rabbit - B+W

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lazypacific: Artist Alert: Kai Samuels-Davis (via unfreshed)

Carl Aubock Scotch Terrier Art Deco Sculpture from the 1920's | From a unique collection of antique and modern animal sculptures at

Carl Auböck Scotch Terrier Art Deco Sculpture from the 1920s

Carl Aubock Scotch Terrier Art Deco Sculpture from the