I did not know this!

Did You Know: The Lines on a Solo Cup are Measurement Marks No, no I did not know. Good to know when serving other beverages like punch and pop! Red Solo Cups make me think Toby Keith.


I'll have to remember this when Im stressed out during school. It always makes me feel better when I turn to God!

K- Never mind!

That's what that means...

Funny pictures about Real meanings. Oh, and cool pics about Real meanings. Also, Real meanings photos.

got it goin on today lmao

Shoepidity: The act of wearing ridiculously uncomfortable shoes just because they look good. Hahah Lynette we are SO guilty of this!

oh disney, you are so sneaky :D

I didn't realize Disney was so sneaky

To start understanding how to read Shakespeare in eight grade, my English teacher handed us a list of words and told us to construct the worst insult we could about him. Needless to say, the word things anyone said that year were in Shakespearian.

How to Pack:  Step 1.  Check the weather and the cultural expectations – this one is obvious, you want to know what type of clothes you'll need. Obviously you need more clothes for travel to colder destinations. Add jackets, tights, hats and boots as required. Its also useful to do a Google search and check whether your destination will be a place you can wear skimpier outfits or somewhere you should be covered up. There’s nothing worse than arriving somewhere and feeling like the…

travel outfit Flight attendant shows you how to pack 10 days worth of clothes into a carry-on. For Europe. travel How to pack

This is the true five hour energy

I will explode your website TRAFFIC using Pinterest for just

But for real, I have asthma, so I should totally get the starbucks inhaler, lol!

French Kids Eat Everything

french-food-rules from "french kids eat everything" karen le billon - I like most of these.