Splattered ink effect eagle by Awesome mural detail by Hua Tunan in China.

Hua Tunan is one of the leading young forces in the world of Chinese street art. Living in the coastal city of Foshan, Hua Tunan’s training in classical Chinese painting and illustration drives his unique street art style.

Älskar det !

Uncredited, black and white photo, human eye with eyelashes of branches and a crow.

crow - These fly everywhere in my town, even riding on top of cars and each year it seems like they get bigger.....  Creepy.

Crows and Ravens Although crows and ravens are part of the same family (Corvus), they’re not exactly the same bird. Typically, ravens are quite a bit bigger than crows and they tend to be a bit.

Lindsey Kustusch | OIL | Momentary Stillness

Every time I see Lindsey Kutusch art I think of Edgar Allan Poe and the The Raven. Each piece should be named, "Nevermore," in my opinion. Or maybe the entire collection of art could be called, "Nevermore.


Totally love this painting, not sure why its so beautiful to me! Art by Lindsey Kustusch "Backyard Raven" (oil on panel)