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Sandhill Crane with chicks

Sandhill Cranes - Pegging The Cute Meter

an Amazon river dolphin, inia geoffrensis, swims in the tannin-stained waters of the Ariaú river in Brazil

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Tuiuiu - ave símbolo do pantanal brasileiro

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mom... Mom...MOM!!!

Adorable Examples Of Baby Birds Photography

Atlantic Puffin (Alca Arctica) by Dave Hunt Photography

Nature and more

sphynx cat

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Cutter wonders why I'm lying down instead of attending to his needs...

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egrets - funky looking little guys

Hair Brothers Duo

The pink Amazon river dolphin, alternately Bufeo, Bufeo Colorado (pink), Boto, is a freshwater river dolphin endemic to the Orinoco, Amazon and Araguaia/Tocantins River systems of Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela. It is known as the Encantado, or Shapeshifter to the natives.

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Snake Eyes Photo

Photograph steam and dust by greg du toit on 500px

The Story Behind This Epic Photo of a Leopard on Night Patrol


I Am Too a Pterodactyl! Stop Laughing!

Makes me think of our little boy. Sweetest little kitten. Fell in love instantly. #ESPA and #de-stress

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beautiful amazing Onça Pintada ( Amazonas Brasil) Vai encarar

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Leopard's Surface Tension Photo

Peacock Peeping Tom, Alan Shapiro

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♫ Life In The Fast Lane ♬ ….

♫ Life In The Fast Lane ♬ ....
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Great Gray Owl by Dieter Schaefer

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I’ll be the one to tell you when you can go play!

Wait Just ONE Second Young Man

“Beautiful photo of two Indian Scops Owls, Maharashtra, India. Photo by Jayant Atrey.

WHO R We Looking At? Why, U Of Course