your local mountain fairy. i like birds, big cats, girls, bees, larme kei, and baths 🕊🐻🌹🌱☁️🌙

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This white see through halter top is so cute. I love the pink fur hearts! I feel like this is inspired. Would be so cute at raves! Check out my board for more rave looks.

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I'm Kelly and I hope you're having a nice day💖 NAVIGATION me ask me submit

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My name is Joanna. Bryanna is my mom. I am fending for the heart of the prince. My mom didn't get it when she was selected, let's see if i can. I grew up here but please do not think that I have any kind of special perks because I really don't.

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"hiya!" i giggle, "i'm may! i love kitties and cuddling. i also love art and plants. i see beauty in everything whether its personality or looks. i am eighteen and single. i enjoy reading and i'm also a model. come say hello!"

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(Joanna Kuchta) Hey babes, I'm Joanna. I'm single, and looking. Don't be afraid to say hey.

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