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San Diego, California, USA  ·  A girly geek who likes fashion, Himekaji and Lolita, shabby chic decor, cosplay, drawing, kitties, roses, rainbows, fairies, and sparkly pink things. <3
Kie - Ethereal Hearts
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Geometric ultra-chrome flakie and right angle madness by simplynailogical

Further to my swatches of new ILNP ultra-chrome flakies and subsequent flakie porno , I went to town and you could say I had more than a fe.

Simple glitter placement for beginners  by simplynailogical

Another mid-week nail art post? Here's some simple enough glitter placement nails I did to show ho.

'V'-shaped loose glitter placement nails by simplynailogical

It's time for another extremely time consuming waste-of-any-normal-person's-life mani! My very first full nail glitter placement!