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Educational Halloween Activities for the BIG KIDS!


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Phases of the moon, this helps the students understand while making this chart, what they look like. Science standards: 4. The Physical Setting, A. Universe, Grade 4: The patterns of stars in the sky stay the same, although they appear to move across the sky nightly, and different stars can be seen in different seasons.

Mrs. Schmelzer's First Grade Class: Sensational Space!

Chit~Chat Chart...OH YES! Everytime someone talks while teacher talks they pull a square, after 3 your out for a time during recess. I SO NEED TO START THIS!!!

Kindergarten Rocks!: Chit~Chat Chart...OH YES!

Mandy's Tips for Teachers: First Day of School Lessons!

Ticket Out the Door! Quicker glance at who participated. Currently have a ticket folder where all students place their exit ticket -- this may be a better alternative.

Teach-A-Roo: Ticket Out the Door!