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Guest Pinner: Pet Relocation

That talented Melissa Sconyers of Pet Relocation shares treats, toys, adoptable animals, and general adorableness.

Since contact information can change when you’re traveling, Martha Stewart suggests making a special vacation tag before you go.

  • Jessica Andrade

    This is such a good idea! When my parents traveled they left our dog with my cousin and she ran away and had so many messages at my parents house saying they found her but no one was home to get the messages :-(

  • Kimberly Scott

    This is a great idea, as is 'Home Again' which is a service that you can tie to your cell.... we've been traveling the country this year and so far haven't needed it, but it's nice to know it's there!

50% of pet owners plan to travel with their pets this summer.

For all of the Apple fanatics out there, here’s a way to give your cat a cozy sleeping nook, while paying homage to the great Steve Jobs.

If you’re handy with a saw, here’s a DIY tutorial for making a wooden silhouette of your pet.

Right in time for summer, a series of dog photos — all underwater.

Interview with a totally incredible dog photographer, Erin Vey.

What LOLcats would be like in reality.

Make your own peanut butter dog treats!

Watermelon carving is a fun summer activity to do with kids! (Check out this hedgehog.)

Pet costumes are taken to the next level in the Doggie Gaga — dogs dressed like Lady Gaga.

Baby teether in the shape of a French Bulldog. For your future dog lover! $12

Non-traditional pets require non-traditional habitats.

New Yorkers, take this puppy home with you.

With a smile as big as the state itself, Rhody is ready for his forever family in Austin, Texas! (He’s so charismatic that the shelter staff nicknamed him “Brad Pitt.”)

A whimsical, fantastical custom portrait of your pet, in a style that would be at home in a children’s book!

“The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.” — Mark Twain

Learn how to go camping with your dog.

Since they don’t make skinny jeans for animals, this will have to suffice.