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A delicate copper and silver ring preserves the loveliness of cherry blossom season. #etsyjewelry

A simple vintage wooden bowl is just the thing for staging stylish still lifes in your kitchen or living room. #etsyhome

With a little creativity, anything can be a boutonniere.

What mom wouldn't be charmed by a sweet, #DIY Mother's Day mini-wreath?

Dreamy lace sleeves and a delicate trail of buttons make up this soft silhouette.

French illustrator Sonia Cavallini's custom portraits look like something out of a fairy tale. See more of her work (and read about her creative process) in this exclusive interview on the Etsy Blog.

From the trees to your hand, hold it close.

So much glorious wood grain on display.

A bow tie designed to stand out among the noise.

There's no denying the magic of Maor Zabar's intricate, inventive millinery — like this white and purple fascinator, part of Zabar's incredible Carnivorous Plants collection. Read his story and see his studio here, on the Etsy Blog.

This beautiful orchid bloom is created indoors with help from a 3D printer.

This Mother's Day, treat mom to a bouquet with staying power. Find the full paper-peony–making tutorial on the #EtsyAU blog, here.

Treat someone you love to Nutella-stuffed chocolate raspberry cupcakes.

These gorgeous #DIY hanging floral installations add serious atmosphere to any seasonal celebration.

A spring fling you can hold onto.

Forget the entrance, this dress makes a memorable exit.

Discover furoshiki, a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth with many uses. These colorful, origami-inspired furoshiki are from TheLinkCollective on Etsy – see more in their shop. #EtsyFinds

Bathroom goals.

From day-of jewelry to handmade favors, there are so many precious keepsakes to cherish from a wedding. Which memento brings it all back for you? Read responses from Etsy sellers, tastemakers, and DIY gurus on the Etsy Blog, here. #etsyweddings

Pay tribute to your mother's most impressive achievements with a one-of-a-kind card. #etsyfinds