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Valentine's Day Love

Valentine's Day Love

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For your favorite funny face.

A sweet breakfast: Nutella and strawberry pop-tarts.

A craft fit for Cupid: a DIY rubberband bracelet arrow shooter.

Make your own delectable red velvet bonbons with this recipe.

  • Kelly Maher
    Kelly Maher

    bleeding heart heh

Just one day a year.

  • Danielle Haran
    Danielle Haran

    How big is this candle? As big as the big bath n bodyworks candle?

Make a batch of conversation heart doughnuts.

How To Make Conversation Heart Donuts | Studio DIY®
  • Krislyne Hope Yarber
    Krislyne Hope Yarber

    This looks cute and yummy!

A cute and kid-friendly valentine DIY.

[dandee]: Love Bug Valentines.
  • Kathy Wilson
    Kathy Wilson

    Very cute! Thanks for sharing Blaire!

  • Anissa Moats
    Anissa Moats

    I love these!!!

Make your sweetie a batch of jam-filled cookies.

Linzer Cookies - Cooking Classy

A cologne inspired by Pride and Prejudice.

  • Brittany Murray
    Brittany Murray

    Stop it.

  • Kristen Van Dyke
    Kristen Van Dyke

    heaven help us all. I am so buying this.

  • Natalie Blake
    Natalie Blake

    Lucy Newman I don't care if it's for men, I'm buying this for you

  • Ashley Bothe
    Ashley Bothe


  • Ausha Messman
    Ausha Messman

    I need this

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12 great projects for a homemade Valentine's Day.

The House That Lars Built.: 12 Handmade Valentine's Day projects

A little heart.

Get crafty with free printable valentines.

  • Carol Mackovic
    Carol Mackovic

    I love it!!!!!!

Heart-shaped milk ice cubes add extra cuteness to a cookie-and-milk snack.

heart milk cubes | a subtle revelry

Make a DIY Ombre Heart Cake.


Send that crush a clear message.

  • Rachel Wood
    Rachel Wood

    :) Minka Foster

  • Catalina Balli
    Catalina Balli

    Raquel Hall

  • Ms. Mallrat
    Ms. Mallrat

    Desiree Miranda

A sweet sign.

What's on your wish list this Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day - Etsy

The sweetest sentiment.

Give them a cup full of love.

  • Emily Mepham
    Emily Mepham

    Cathey McShane

A sweet start to the morning.

15 finds for the littlest valentines.

  • Julie Perrault
    Julie Perrault

    Erin Knight Credo

  • Sara Baird
    Sara Baird

    Kailey Henson too adorable!!

  • Barbara Carnes
    Barbara Carnes

    Vanessa Jones

  • Abby Broome
    Abby Broome

    Angela Aldridge love it! Xx

  • Angela Aldridge
    Angela Aldridge

    Abby Broome it's so cute! :-) xx

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For the friend closest to your heart.

Hugs and kisses.

  • Cambree Ney
    Cambree Ney

    Yesss!!!:) Julia McKenna

Treat your valentine to homemade truffles.

Chocolate Candies
  • Katherine Hall
    Katherine Hall

    Arvin-Alisa Vielman I thotally thoughtthey were making funny faced cookies...then I read the caption -_- epic fail lol

  • Arvin-Alisa Vielman
    Arvin-Alisa Vielman

    Katherine Hall LOL I see it too!

  • Nelva Nora
    Nelva Nora

    ¡¡QUE RICOS!!!!!

Too funny.

  • Lauren Gablick
    Lauren Gablick

    Kimberly Motos

  • Alrinthea Carter
    Alrinthea Carter