Gardening is, for many, a passion to be indulged in on weeknights and weekends — a solace from the day-to-day work world. But for 11 schoolteachers this past week, gardening was something to study up on — with the goal of creating some lesson plans and passing their new knowledge on to their future students. The educators gathered outside Camas Ridge Elementary School in south Eugene to get their hands dirty in a bucket of worms, learn about soil erosion, and identify plants and animals ofte...

Educators embrace school gardens as multidisciplinary teaching tool

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Rows of greens grow on the front yard of Gary Henderson's house. He's one of a handful of homeowners in Orlando, Fla., who've given up their lawn to Fleet Farming. Once "you realize that you can eat your lawn, I think it makes a whole lot of sense," Henderson says.

An All-Volunteer Squad Of Farmers Is Turning Florida Lawns Into Food

Those with cancer, dementia and mental health problems can benefit from gardening, according to health thinktank

the Guardian

Doctors should prescribe gardening for patients more often, says report

Fun article on raising backyard ducks on page 18 of the current Take Root magazine. TAKE ROOT Magazine is a farm, food, and sustainable living magazine published quarterly by Duhn and Associates and is distributed in Oregon.

Duhn and Associates TAKE ROOT Magazine Winter 2016

Chickens as therapy animals.

Therapy Chickens: Creating Bonds And Improving Health - Urban Farm

Urban Farming in Downtown Las Vegas

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How To Raise Chickens In A Tiny Yard

Rodale's Organic Life

How To Raise Chickens In A Tiny Yard

The San Francisco Giants grow kale and tomatoes in their baseball stadium.


The San Francisco Giants grow kale and tomatoes in their baseball stadium

Australians Survived a 13-Year Drought by Going Low-Tech | Yahoo News / by Todd Woody (

Can a Rain Barrel in Every House Help Ease the Water Crisis?

The urban agriculture movement hits D.C. driven by our hunger for vegetables — and meaning.

Washington Post

That empty patch of grass? That could be the District’s next farm.

UO Urban Farm success.

UO’s urban farm brings in more students than Duck athletics

Wicked cool. Boston's Fenway park is now home to an urban farm.

Forget Peanuts and Cracker Jack: These MLB Teams Have Stadium-Grown Greens

Carolyn Leadly outside greenhouse at Rising Pheasant Farms


Urban farming is booming, but what does it really yield?

In L.A., Now You Can Use City Land For A Free Vegetable Garden.


In L.A., Now You Can Use City Land For A Free Vegetable Garden

Lawns have taken over the American landscape. Food Not Lawns is an urban agriculture movement to motivate homeowners to tear up their lawns and replace them with food gardens. It's better for the Earth and for your health!


Food Not Lawns: Reasons to grow food in your backyard

Urban Farming is Wheat Ridge, Colorado.

Why a Denver Suburb Has Gone All-In for Farming

Teachers learn about gardens at GTN Charlotte.

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Brooklyn Grange - A New York Growing Season.

Brooklyn Grange - A New York Growing Season

To save the planet, the United Nations calls for us to get rid of modern agriculture as we know it and adopt organic farms and a localized food system.

United Nations Calls for an End to Industrialized Farming

Urban farming helps feed the world.

BBC News

Urban farming helps feed the world

Urban Agriculture in Tampa Bay.

Urban agriculture grows up in Tampa Bay

Raising a couple turkeys in the backyard.

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Urban Farming in Sacramento.

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Green Roofs in Architecture.

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