Goofy, yet useful! And a Eugene classic. Tie dyed toilet paper by Alex Lanham, on Holiday Blvd in space #199.

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Hair flowers in every color, only $6 each. By Brandi Crye, Crye's Creations in #151 on Yew. See for shopping info

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Silver hoop earrings, David & Terry Church, Forgeries

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Tom Borener's annual Christmas Tree ornament, each is sliced from that curved piece.

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Triangle bags by Katherine Heising in great color combinations are just the right size for dashing out with your phone and keys. Borealis Bags & Rugs, Pine #46. See for shopping info

Sweet ceramic pins and magnets in every shape - even accordions! By Gary Becker, in space 161 on Wizard Way. See for shopping info

Adorable ornaments by Richard & Robin Sanchez, Fired Up Ceramics

Shakers in many shapes, filled with semi-precious stones, by Raven Moon

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