Stocking Stuffers - $10 and under

Little treats at little prices, available at Holiday Market
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a basket filled with lots of doughnuts sitting on top of a table next to other items
April Shower's Soap Balls
Soap balls from April Shower's Soaps in space #136 are an easy stocking stuffer.
several pieces of cloth hanging on a rack
Yodamoon Wallets
Soft and stylish wallets by Yodamoon in #239 in Holiday Hall.
several buttons are laying on top of each other in front of some paper with designs
Ceramic Buttons by Kay Irish
Ceramic buttons full of fun colors, shapes and sizes by Kay Irish. #buttons #ceramic #ceramics
several balls of yarn sitting on top of plastic
Temari (thread) Balls by Jill With Thingys Emporium
Colorful, beautiful, wonderful temari balls. Perfect ornaments.
some earrings are hanging from hooks on a display rack with magnets in the background
Stone earrings
Gorgeous handmade stone earrings.
a basket filled with lots of different colored glass balls
Hand Blown Glass Ornaments
The Glass Sun offers an array of colors and shapes to adorn your tree year after year. Most under $10.
the magnets are made to look like they have hearts on them
3-D printed fridge magnets, by Wendy Johnson, West Coasters
small succulents are displayed on wooden shelves in a garden shop, with a chalkboard sign that says seashell succulent sale
These are so adorable, in a succulent kind of way. Tiny succulents in sea shells, by Esther Lee.
wooden cutouts of gingerbread men on a table
Tom Borener's annual Christmas Tree ornament, each is sliced from that curved piece.
there are many different items on display at this event, including skulls and other decorations
Shakers in many shapes, filled with semi-precious stones, by Raven Moon
Silver hoop earrings, David & Terry Church, Forgeries Earrings, Jewellery, Silver Hoops, Silver Hoop Earrings, Hoop Earrings, Jewelry, Hammered, Hoop
Silver hoop earrings, David & Terry Church, Forgeries
two ornaments are hanging from a christmas tree
Adorable ornaments by Richard & Robin Sanchez, Fired Up Ceramics
a table topped with lots of wooden discs covered in writing and magnets next to a vase filled with sunflowers
Emoticoins by Jody Parrish
Emoticoins by Jody Parrish
a basket filled with lots of wooden pieces
Wooden shakers, Earnest Efforts Woodworking
Wooden shakers, Earnest Efforts Woodworking
many rolls of toilet paper are stacked on top of each other in different colors and sizes
Goofy, yet useful! And a Eugene classic. Tie dyed toilet paper by Alex Lanham, on Holiday Blvd in space #199.