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Xunxun Missy Fashion Illustrations too cool

fashion illustration silver gown

Nicole Costa Shades of Grey by Tracy Hetzel

elegance in apricot orange.happy friday. - CAFFEINATED : Fashion Illustrations of Ieatcoffee

NIce design elegance in apricot orange Fashion Illustrations of Ieatcoffee

I'm in two minds about pinning this. It's a useful tutorial for fashion illustration. However, the illustrations border on promoting anorexia. It would be good if fashion illustration started showing normal rather than elongated and emaciated forms.

Fashion elongated thin figure vs the average body type.

fashion designing clothing layout drawing

fashion sketchbooks artist study for art school students capi create art portfolio ideas at milliand

Sketches Inspired by Resort Collections. Shown here @marchesafashion by Brooke Hagel @brooklit

Brooke Hagel: Sketches Inspired by Resort Collections