Spanish Civil War Campaigns & Posters – by the University of Barcelona

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This Pinterest board is a collaboration between the University of Barcelona and Europeana. Explore the posters of the Spanish Civil war which took place from 17 July 1936 to 1 April 1939. The war began after a pronunciamiento (declaration of opposition) by a group of generals under the leadership of José Sanjurjo against the elected government of the Second Spanish Republic, at the time under the leadership of President Manuel Azaña.

Anarchist propaganda poster from the Spanish Civil War National History, National Museum, Poster S, Party Poster, History Posters, Workers Party, Campaign Posters, History Museum, Illustrations Posters

En el frente hace frio : acuérdate de los compañeros que defienden tu libertad

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Poster, El agua en malas condiciones produce mas bajas que la metralla (Poisoned water causes more casualties than the bullets) Pin Up, Barcelona, Design Theory, Party Poster, Male Figure, Find Picture, Design Museum, Black Backgrounds, Vintage Posters

El Agua en malas condiciones produce más bajas que la metralla

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¡Obrero! ingresando en la Columna de Hierro fortaleces la revolución

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