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#WALLPAPER GRATIS super carino per il tuo telefono adorato! (•◡•) Tante altre idee cool per le mamme sul sito ❤ ❤

Retro - mobile9

Roy Lichtenstein - Sunrise Wallpaper for Samsung Galaxy Stellar

Scout beats up Francis and gets in trouble with Uncle Jack, but she tells him her side of the story. He is mad about what Francis did, but Scout tells him not to tell. Jack is mad that Francis will get away with what he did, but Scout knows that he didn't because she hit him so hard. (114). Justice vs. Injustice.

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This is a really cool piece, and I can tell right away that it's pop art. You can tell because of the sound words, and the bright colors. Pop art was really popular in the 1900's because it was commercial art, but with a twist.

Any Atrist's in the crowd? I am starting a new painting.

ROY LICHTENSTEIN (American, 1923-1997). I Love Liberty, 1982. Color | Lot #72051 | Heritage Auctions