To paint.

if one has to climb stairs, they might as well be interesting.This says: Dishfunctional Designs: Intimate Stairs: Painted, Stenciled & Wallpapered

Staircase at the Bristol Palace Hotel - Genoa, Italy

The classic staircase shot, taken in the Bristol Palace Hotel in Genoa, Italy. // youngrobv - Genoa, my great grandparent's home.

Persephone's Box

Ancient Garden Stairs, Tuscany, Italy Ill be with u every step of the way

Keep close to Nature's heart... and break clear away, once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend...

" Owl Stairway Sculpture" - created / made by Jop van Driel I dont like the owl, but i love the look of the staircase.

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~ Le Petit Poulailler ~ *Quilter * Treasure Hunter* *Online Shopkeep Extraordinaire*Handcrafted Fabric & Paper FanciesThe Finest Vintage and.

tea with mrs. mourning dove

mourning dove (what stories & emotions have passed on those stairs?