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Nice !

Elvish dagger in the possession of King Rowar II, its name translates into 'Winter's Waste'.<<<<maybe galia sword in sequel or evil kings sword


o_O im not a pool type of guy.but when u add weed 2 the mix.

Bregol Valon (literally meaning "Fierce Angelic-Guardian" in Tolkien's Elvish Quenya language) was crafted and creatively-conceived to life by David DelaGardelle, swordsmith of Cedarlore Forge. The blade was shaped by David from a billet of beautiful "feathered" damascus steel, made by the incredibly talented father and son team at HHH Knives. The sword was crafted by David to be swift, balanced to near weightlessness, agile, and to be violently fierce in the grip of its wielder.

This is my weapon of choice. A gift from my Father, I can use my abilities to light it on fire, doubling it's damage.


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Love this tattoo style!

I love the unfinished/sketched look of this - bird watercolor tattoo. I would make it a robin(brown head,orange chest) and it would be perfect