Eva Redpath

Eva Redpath

Toronto  ·  Womens Fitness Expert. Creator of Body Conditioning by Dancers. Here To Empower Women to Live a Healthy Balanced Lifestyle. Host. Print Model. Actress. Dancer
Eva Redpath
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Leap Frog: This pose will help to strengthen your lower body.  Watch the video tutorial to learn this move along with 4 more! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNuvOPgN-j4=SPvPI4L2--Kmv1_QT8qXS7ZQFhSNaZmhmr=25

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Interval training is the best thing for the body since sliced bread. Want to accelerate fat-burn, boost metabolism, and ramp up overall fitness but don't know your Tabatas from your HIITs? Read on for 8 science-backed ways to get going now.

YES THERE ARE RULES: 1. Ask my dad’s permission. 2. make it a complete surprise. 3. use my full name. 4. get somebody to catch it on camera. 5. make sure you get down on one knee. 6. let my best friends help with the ring.

RULES: ask my dads permission. make it a complete surprise. get somebody to catch it on camera. let my best friend help with the ring. He did all but let my best friend help with the ring, but I couldn't be happier with the one he picked on his own!

Make one of these for your vanity, You can hang your ring while you do dishes/clean!

love the idea of having this cute framed ring holder on my bedside table or bathroom sink. With just a couple of quick DIY steps, you can change any ordinary picture frame into your own clever ring frame. What a great engagement gift!