hermosos!!!  para enseñarle a los pequeños a comer bien

Felt Food Tutorial and Patterns

this is a great tutorial and includes patterns. very step-by-step bordering on the ridiculous, but also handy. perfect tips if your goal is good-looking and easy felt food. Can find felt food on etsy, but apartment therapy has free tutorials

Cuaderno de actividades para hacer en vacaciones

Dry Erase Activity Books

dry erase activity book {with link to printahbles} ~ would also be good as a blank dry erase book. Kids can make a story of their own

libro ropa

The book is made out of old clothes and teaches a child how to use zippers, buttons, snaps, and hooks on clothing - add a page for tying shoes. Would be so sweet to use your kids' old clothes to make books for their children!

quiet book page

quiet book page - more fine motor skills - grasp trainers oh duh! just hole punch fabric for lacing! Then you don't have to deal with grommets

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Make camera "flip book" attached to a string so camera can be held to face. Include family and pet pics