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This inspiration board is for ideas to trigger the aesthetics of the youth-driven microeconomy and 'mercado' installation at MACLA as part of the Zero1 Festival…
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a woman holding up a paper cut out of a dinosaur
Might be too complicated, but could illustrate and etch out whimsical booth spaces. Laura Bruland from Yes and Yes Designs created a laser etched city using old books, old chalkboard, salvaged wood, Adobe Illustrator and a laser etcher (TechShop San Jose has one). More at
a woman is walking in the dark with her hand on top of some branches that are hanging above her head
Roberto Fernández
This is a place-holder--artwork by Roberto Fernandez. For the mercado itself inspired by artist Roberto Fernandez' self-made improvised from found objects and gifted items studio and workspace as featured in 1999 issue of Architetture d'interni. (I have a PDF of that article.)
two people are standing in the middle of a large building with glass walls and lots of windows
We could overlap multiple voices of merchants overhead similar to this Julianne Swartz installation. Inexpensive alternative to have similar effect of separate speakers/location of sounds origin for each sample: Rewire (open and solder one set of wires) on "play" button of disposable MP3 player (about 5 dollars) (with 1 sample loaded on each player, repeat function turned off) hooked to a button on outside of a booth. Connect a small 2 dollar speaker.
three children are looking at boxes in a room
Caine's Arcade was built by a 9-year-old over a summer using primarily cardboard boxes.
an old wooden building with lots of windows on the front and side of it at night
The Music Box is shantytown of musical instruments built from salvaged materials from a collapsed house in New Orleans.
an assortment of colorful umbrellas hanging from the ceiling
The Poketo Pop-Up Shop at Royal/T
This pop-up shop uses vertical space well and simple materials. "Currently hand decorated and designed by LA's Poketo, alongside a myriad of interior touches (love the large chandelier) that give the space a playful contemporary presence..."