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Elisabeth Smith
Elisabeth Smith
Elisabeth Smith

Elisabeth Smith

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I am English, LDS, a home educator, a homemaker, a writer, and an occasional blogger about feminine skills. I enjoy crafts, and dress my truth.

When you want to preserve family recipes photograph the originals or scan them. Then place them into a book or something similar. Also organize recipes by family events like Thanksgiving etc. so that everyone knows what the traditions are for your family.

The Bible - The Epic 10-part Miniseries DVD. $40 from NBC online store.

He is the Gift!

Bohemian Gemstone Velvet Sued Cord Necklace with Copper Etched Pendant | stonemountainjewelry - Jewelry on ArtFire

Facebook's page for the 2/3 of the world without internet.

****TJEdding Maths. Published by Rachel DeMille in March 2015.****

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A free ebook. I downloaded this to my computer in 3/2015.

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Letters of Myers Briggs, differences between the letters. definitions, Personality, MBTI.

Animal personality type: INFJ - Wolf. INFJs are value-driven individuals who tend to remain mysterious complex even after you've become close to one. They're often creative individuals. They're good at perceiving emotions are sensitive to the feelings of others, but they are not very prone to revealing much of themselves until they trust someone completely. That said, they are intensely interested in the well-being of others and are often seen as protectors and natural leaders.

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Crimes of the MBTI... ENFP, ENFJ, ENTP, ENTJ, ESFP, ESFJ, ESTP, ESTJ, INFP, INFJ, INTP, INTJ, ISFP, ISFJ, ISTP, ISTJ, ISFP, ISFJ. ... could be a drug dealer, hacker or murderer. Good to know.