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Garrafa de Vidro Decoração

Nancy Keating, Mosaic Wine Bottle created for the Carmel Arts & Design "Art of Wine" feature. (my personal images are used in my audio e-books for children and Illustrative Poetry, available at


This is as many of the 3rd edition of Cup Club™ as I could stack, it's a matte blue slip mug that's kind of like a reverse Cloud mug. Thank you so much to everyone supporting this years club, it is so fun for me to get to try out new processes, especially tricky ones like this. Next years club membership will be available for sale around the holidays. *Shout out to OAKLAND for being the city with the most Cup Club™ subscribers!*

Nature 2268, hand cut and engraved vase, motif The Owl » Moser glassworks - Luxury Bohemian Crystal Glass