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This is a snake heart! Reminds me of Naruto's Kyuubi/Kurama heart! (Which is shown on one of the shippuden episodes)

If and when someone finds out how to make people into mermaids i will be the first to sign up for it oxoxo bye bye land

lookhuman: “Mermaids don’t cry, unless they are humans wishing they were a mermaid! Combine whimsy and art and decorate your nautical home with this funny, comic book, pop art inspired mermaid art.

#exmermaid #summerdream

"I plunge in, immersed in the deep blue abyss of my being, suspended in a dream, a liminal limbo between knowing myself and losing myself completely." ~Melpomene Selemidis 'Sirens Of Santorini '


Melbourne-based florist Chelsea Shiels, started off with classic flower head attires, but soon she decided to put a unique spin on her production. That's when she came up with these dreamy looking mermaid crowns made with real seashells.