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Visual Perceptual Activities

Freebie! Christmas frog themed letter discrimination page to help with frequently reversed letters.

"b" and "d"` letter reversal help: Use corrugated paper for finger tracing magic c letters to provide a bumpy starting stroke. Use smooth paper for finger tracing letters like b & h for a smooth downward stroke. Great kinesthetic input.

Spirals - Tracing and Recognizing - American Dyslexia Association. Great for visual spatial and pencil control skills.

Letters recognition - American Dyslexia Association. These free worksheets are great for visual discrimination.

Need to make this chart for visual attention. Student has to find A, 1, B, 2, C, 3 and so on to Z, 26. Could use with a pointer. Add balance board for increased difficulty.

Free printable visual search alphabet page. Great for visual scanning, figure ground skills, and visual discrimination.

Therapy Fun Zone- great definitions for visual spatial relations, sequential memory, visual discrimination, form constancy, visual memory, visual closure, figure ground. Includes functional challenges, activities to help, and compensatory strategies.

Nashville Vision Therapy blog has a great series describing the components of visual perception with definitions, descriptions of functional challenges and activities to help with skill development. Look in archives from Sept to Nov 2012.


B D P Q Cut & Paste Letter Sort This looks amazing. Has different font tiles also.

FREE Sight Word Coloring Worksheet: it, in, if

Ordinal Numbers Worksheets (put a smiley face on the 3rd figure...)

Help kids recognize the letters b, d, p , q with this letter sort FREEBIE!

Look carefully! One shape is missing. - American Dyslexia Association

Visual Perceptual Skill definitions and real life applications

Colorblindness Test.... interesting. Not sure if this is a reliable source, but interesting.

Free! I Spy Sight Words... hidden words within a picture.

Letter Pp: Nursery Rhyme ABCs

Butterfly Symmetry Busy Bag

Doing Puzzles with a Twist. Pinned by The Sensory Spectrum.