Jason Ratliff cardboard + white paint.

Jason Ratliff- Ratliff used cardboard and white paint as opposed to more obvious medias and it really made his portraits stand out. perhaps i need to be more experimental with media choices.

Adara Sánchez Anguiano _____________________________ I often find by looking at someones sketch book or figure studies you see more than the finished piece. You get to see how their mind works, Very cool

In Take Your Clothes Off,' Adara Sanchez Anguiano plays on the intimacy of undressing. Through fabrics and distinct body parts, Anguiano suggests what we look like under our 'second skin.

Clair Rossiter, cooking, illustration, beetroot, splatter, organic, drawing, ink, watercolour, sketchbook

Clair Rossiter, The organic style of the interaction between ink and watercolour. The intentional chaos of of the splattering and colour pooling.

Lars Henkel

German illustrator Lars Henkel wrote me wondering if I’d be interested in sharing his sketchbook. I am more than thrilled when an incredible artist such .

Alice Fox — Tide Marks Book #22

Alice Fox — Tide Marks Book Her artist books are so beautiful and i love that she uses natural materials and processes

red onions watercolor by Christina Drejenstam - smeared, bleeding, black drawings

Red onions watercolour by Christina Drejenstam - smeared, bleeding, black drawings.