musical chairs writing When the music stops you pick up writing where the last person left off. 10 minute intervals...or with alphabet and numbers :)

PP said, "musical chairs reading. Play music and when the music stops students stop, sit down and start reading! Lots of fun and something different to develop reading interests." Perhaps you could also put letters of alphabet on chairs &/or sight words.

Make an inference.

Who Brought the Cat? Can't stop laughing! Who takes a cat rafting in an inflatable surrounded by water? That little girls face is more like "oh shit kitty you were suppose to stay under my vest"

Newborn baby gorilla at Melbourne Zoo reacts to the coldness of the stethoscope!!!

Not a fan of zoos, but this picture made me smile: Newborn baby gorilla at Melbourne Zoo gets a checkup at the hospital and reacts to the coldness of the stethoscope. Too adorable

photo writing prompt

Meanwhile in an alternate dimension…

Donkey meets Frosty

Snowman: Hey you Donkey! Donkey: What? Snowman: What are you doing? Donkey: Eating a carrot, so? Snowman: It's my nose! Donkey: Then get a real nose! Not a carrot nose!

Create a dialogue that precedes this final attack.

Funny Cats and Dogs.Dog is always staying enemy of Cat.I have one Dog that always bark after the cat.My cat and my dog have big problem for .

The snowball writing method. WRITER #1:Tell the story about what was happening when this picture was taken. Crumple it in a ball and throw it to the front of the classroom. everyone grabs a snowball. WRITER #2: Add to the the first writer's story. Crumple the story back up and throw it to the front again. WRITER #3: Share your thoughts or the life lesson. WRITER #1: gets their original story back. Read the story. Edit and revise it for clarity. Give it a title.

The face of fear: The rollercoaster faces that these thrill seekers will want to forget

Writing Prompt

FREE Figurative Language Picture Collection Online~ This picture, "Catching a Cab," illustrates a common expression. This site is great for teaching about figurative language.

Writing Prompt: Write a story about what is happening here....this will get some great stories!!

Funny pictures about Excuse me sir. Oh, and cool pics about Excuse me sir. Also, Excuse me sir.

Tell the story.  What events led up to this picture? What do you think will happen next?  How do you think their mother(s) will react?

Amazing and funny pictures and videos from around the world: funny animals, beautiful nature scenery, universe etc, etc, etc.