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The holtotype fossil jaw fragment of the ancient hominin Australopithecus deyiremeda.

The upper jaw (holotype) of Australopithecus deyiremeda found on March 4th 2011.

A. afarensis Had Neighbours! Say Hello to Australopithecus deyiremeda

Details of the partial left femur of the Washington State dinosaur fossil, but which U.S. States don't have dinosaur fossils?

Which States in the USA Don't Have Dinosaur Fossils?

Dr. Christian Sidor (right), Burke Museum curator of vertebrate paleontology, and Brandon Peecook (left), University of Washington graduate student, show the size and placement of the fossil fragment compared to the cast of a Daspletosaurus femur.

The First Dinosaur Described from Washington State

Cetiosauriscus Fossil Femur

Cetiosauriscus Leg Bone Discovered in Gloucestershire Quarry

A collection of confiscated dinosaur eggs photographed by Chinese custom officials. Dinosaur eggs came in all shapes and sizes.

Ancient tongue worm parasites on an Ostracod (Middle Silurian).

Prehistoric Parasites from the Silurian

Iridescent Hoploscaphities comprimus ammonite from the Fox Hills Formation of South Dakota.

Homo Heidelbergensis, also known as Atapuerca 5. This little feller is approximately 400,000 years old, and is the last common ancestor to both Neanderthal, and modern humans.

Plans to develop the amazing Hall Dale Quarry (Matlock, Derbyshire) have been submitted. Are the huge numbers of Carboniferous marine fossils threatened?

Hall Dale Quarry Could be Developed

A selection of fossils from Hall Dale quarry (Derbyshire), bivalves, brachiopds, crinoid stems, occasional gastropods etc.

A selection of Carboniferous fossils from Hall Dale Quarry.

Unusual use for a Lotosaurus adentus exhibit.

Museum exhibit used as a "Wishing Well" by Visitors

Normal chick (left), modified chicken embryo (centre), alligator embryo (right). Tweaking beaks to retrace their dinosaur origins.

Retracing the Beak of Birds to the Snout of Dinosaurs

How the little arms of T. rex may have helped it to stand up.

Titanosaur (dinosaur) fossil site photographed in Argentina.

A very simple way to compare us to the dinosaurs, lay down next to a Titanosaur femur!

Ancient fossils reveal the amazing diversity of prehistoric life.

Two ancient reptile fossils preserved in fine, volcanic sediments from Liaoning (China).

A prehistoric freshwater turtle from the famous Liaoning fossil deposits of China.

Titanosaur tail bones discovered in China.

Titanoceratops skull, a very large Ceratopsian.

Just how big were some prehistoric insects?

A couple of fossils from Silurian aged strata.