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Pictures of fossils, fossil finds from Everything Dinosaur field trips, photos of fossils sent in.
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A Skull of the Lungfish Rhinodipterus.

Reconstructing the Brains of Ancient Lungfish

H. erectus fossils from China.

Asia's Role in Human Evolution May Be More Significant

Palaeontologists examine the matrix surrounding the fossils of a dinosaur.

Getting Our Claws into the Megaraptora

Fossil of Eunotosaurous found by an 8-year-old.

The Turtle Shell Evolved to Help with Burrowing

Scans of the Telmatosaurus facial tumour.

A Dinosaur with a Facial Deformity

A fossil of the worm Oesia (primitive hemichordate)

Cambrian Suspension Feeder Provides Clue to Common Ancestor

Unnamed species of Pterosaur from Lebanon, fossil material prior to preparation at the University of Alberta.

Pterosaur Fossil to Return Home to Lebanon

Preserved in amber, the remains of a bird's wing.

Bird Wings Preserved in Burmese Amber

Enantiornithes wing and skin sections encased in amber.

Bird Wings Preserved in Burmese Amber

Minute details on the feathers were preserved on an ancient bird's wing trapped in amber.

Bird Wings Preserved in Burmese Amber

A field team member working on a Columbian Mammoth fossil.

Mexico City Mammoth Find

One of the vertebrae from a Columbian Mammoth.

Mexico City Mammoth Find

The holotype fossil of Radix caronica (growing root).

Scientists “Root Out” Oldest Plant Root Cells

The fossil and an illustration of Tetrapodophis.

Were the Very First Snakes Marine Animals?

The giant Titanosaur dig site. Museum plans expansion.

Museum of Palaeontology Egidio Feruglio Expansion Plans

Seymour Island Late Cretaceous fossils.

Study of Antarctic Fossils Provides Evidence for Rapid Extinction

These are classified as dinosaur footprints Eubrontes, these are from France but scientists have discovered the same sort of tracks in India.

Indian Geologists Discover Dinosaur Footprints

A Pterodactylus specimen from Solnhofen (Germany). Helping to redefine the Lophocratia.

Gladocephaloideus - Getting to Grips with Terrestrial Pterosaurs

The Burtele Foot Fossil (Afar Region of Ethiopia)

Pliocene Hominin Diversity - Neighbours for Lucy

Kulindadromeus fossil material.

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Everything Dinosaur

A reconstruction of the skeleton of the feathered Ornithischian dinosaur Kulindadromeus.

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Everything Dinosaur

Making the Kulindadromeus model skeleton.

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Everything Dinosaur

Preserved Kulindadromeus bones in a volcanic ash deposit.

Kulindadromeus Gets Its Coat of Feathers

Austroraptor Fossil

Austroraptor a new species of Dromaeosaur

Ancient winged Insect left Impression in Carboniferous Mud

Ancient winged Insect left Impression in Carboniferous Mud