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    Pictures of fossils, fossil finds from Everything Dinosaur field trips, photos of fossils sent in.


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    Able to open the jaws really wide.

    Cretaceous Fish with Gigantic Mouths

    Excavating invertebrate fossils in the Mantua quarry (New Jersey).

    Quarry Site Might Reveal Evidence of Cretaceous Mass Extinction

    The dome shaped skull (raised nasal bones). Rusingoryx atopocranion fossil material.

    The Wildebeest and Lambeosaurine Connection?

    Dimetrodon borealis. The curved teeth in the upper jaw can be clearly made out.

    Canada has its First Dimetrodon

    New study into Australopithecus sediba. A. sediba is in the middle, the human to the left of the picture with the chimp skeleton on the right.

    Australopithecus sediba - Bio-mechanical Study Hints at Diet

    Cambridge plesiosaur discovery. A very fossiliferous area indeed!

    Cambridge Plesiosaur Donated to Oxford Could Be New Species

    Scale bar = 5cm Left lateral view of the skull of the hadrosaurid Eotrachodon.

    Eotrachodon orientalis a Basal Hadrosaurid from Alabama

    The fossilised tooth from Dracoraptor hanigani. This dinosaur probably ate insects and other small animals.

    Wales Gets a New Dinosaur - Dracoraptor

    Sivatherium giganteum. Biggest ruminant known to science.

    "Siva's Beast" Goes on a Diet

    That is a very big thigh bone! Perhaps the biggest dinosaur of all?

    "Attenborough and the Giant Dinosaur"!

    Potential evidence of dinosaur courtship behaviour. Map of Club Gulch site (a) prepared in Photoshop CS5 by MGL, with natural colour photogrammetic image (b) at same scale by RTM and LGB. Coloured image (inset in a) shows three large scrapes, together covering 5 m. Digging traces are classified as paired (bilobed) or single, with or without scratch marks and adjacent sand aprons.

    Dance of the Dinosaurs

    Paul Hollingshead and his family show off their fossil find (elephant scapula) behind an Iguanodont exhibit.

    Prehistoric Elephants Roamed the Isle of Wight

    Wendiceratops a reconstruction of the dinosaur's skeleton. Everything Dinosaur reviews their palaeontology predictions for 2015.

    Looking Back on our Palaeontology Predictions for 2015

    The tail of an Iguanodon on display at the Dorking Museum and Heritage Centre. In praise of regional museums.

    In Praise of Britain's Regional Museums

    A fossil of the ancient Arthropod W. fieldensis.

    Evidence of Survival Strategies - Caring for Young (Waptia fieldensis)

    The ripple beds at Wrens Nest Dudley.

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    Wrens nest fossils (Dudley)

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    Fossils from Wrens nest Dudley (Silurian)

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    Tail bones (caudal vertebrae) of an Iguanodontid from Surrey.

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    The fossilised bone of an Auroch found in Surrey.

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    An artist’s rendition of the shape of Galecyon, with its fossilised bones laid out anatomically. Background shows fossil formation, right humerus (inset).

    Wyoming Fossil Find Helps to Explain Mammalian Carnivore Evolution

    Silurian coral fossils.

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    Ischioceratops - a top down view of the fossil material with the left ischium ringed in the photograph and highlighted in the line drawing.

    Ischioceratops zhuchengensis - Potential New Leptoceratopsid

    A scrap of bone found in North Carolina reveals that ceratopsids (horned dinosaurs) once roamed the eastern USA. Various views, dorsal, lateral,ventral etc.

    Late Cretaceous Eastern North America into the Spotlight

    Texas Pterosaur had an English cousin.

    North America's Newest Pterosaur - Cimoliopterus dunni