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New Specimen of Archaeopteryx Goes on Display

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"Lucy" Died after Tree Fall

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Comparing teeth rows in Marsupial Lions.

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Various views of the lower leg bone of an indeterminate Titanosauriform from Brazil.

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Arktocara skull.

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A spiral shaped shark coprolite.

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Orthacanthus was a Cannibal

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Looking for fossils at Lyme Regis but avoid getting too close to the cliffs.

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Marsupial Lion (Thylacoleo) remains. New research into hunting strategy of the Marsupial Lion.

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Fossil jaws and teeth of ancient Chinese primates.

Chinese Fossil Primates Unravel Evolutionary Puzzle

Trace fossils (Aspidella).

Ediacaran Faunal Out Competed by Newly Evolved Animals

The skull of Echovenator sandersi

The Origin of High Frequency Hearing In Whales

Probably septic arthritis in a dinosaur.

First Case of Septic Arthritis Diagnosed in a Dinosaur

Whollydooleya tomnpatrichorum tooth image.

"Hypercarnivore" Extinct Relative of the Tasmanian Devil

Mississippi State dinosaur tooth.

Horned Dinosaur Tooth Discovered in Northern Mississippi

The blocks showing the Heterodontosaurus fossils from South Africa.

Heterodontosaurus Visits The European Synchrotron

The South African Heterodontosaurus fossil skull.

Heterodontosaurus Visits The European Synchrotron

A Skull of the Lungfish Rhinodipterus.

Reconstructing the Brains of Ancient Lungfish

H. erectus fossils from China.

Asia's Role in Human Evolution May Be More Significant

Palaeontologists examine the matrix surrounding the fossils of a dinosaur.

Getting Our Claws into the Megaraptora

Fossil of Eunotosaurous found by an 8-year-old.

The Turtle Shell Evolved to Help with Burrowing

Scans of the Telmatosaurus facial tumour.

A Dinosaur with a Facial Deformity

A fossil of the worm Oesia (primitive hemichordate)

Cambrian Suspension Feeder Provides Clue to Common Ancestor

Unnamed species of Pterosaur from Lebanon, fossil material prior to preparation at the University of Alberta.

Pterosaur Fossil to Return Home to Lebanon

Preserved in amber, the remains of a bird's wing.

Bird Wings Preserved in Burmese Amber