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Pictures of fossils, fossil finds from Everything Dinosaur field trips, photos of fossils sent in.

Extracting a baby Ichthyosaur fossil found a couple of days ago by Ben at Lyme Regis. Ben and his dad Dave carefully extract the specimen.

Trilobite fossil specimens.

Greenops boothi Canadian Trilobite

Today from our collections vault we have some trilobites. Trilobites are a well-known fossil group of extinct marine arthropods that form the class Trilobita. Trilobites form one of the earliest known groups of arthropods. Trilobites had many life styles; some moved over the sea-bed as predators, scavengers or filter feeders and some swam, feeding on plankton. #ScienceVault


Wollemi pine - Once thought to be extinct for 150-200 million years. Found in 1994 in Australia's Blue Mountains. Not extinct after all.

Graptolites (Amplexograptus) from the Ordovician near Caney Springs, Tennessee.

A colony (about 1 millimeter wide) of Monograptus priodon, a neograptine graptolite species that arose after the Ordovician mass extinction. The image is a digital photograph made in a microscope using infrared light passed through the back-lit specimen. The photographer is UB geology professor Charles Mitchell, who studies graptolites.

Crotalocephalina gibba

A chain of trilobites preserved in Poland's Holy Cross Mountains.

A cleaned and preserved Leanchoilid fossil reveals the animal's delicate appendages.

Arthropods from the Burgess shale, such as the trilobite Olenoides and a chelicerate called Sidneyia, exploded in morphological diversity following the so-called Cambrian Explosion.

Limestone oolite from Cleeve Hill (Gloucestershire ,England) with brachiopod fossils embedded in it.

The view from Cleeve Hill, the highest point in Gloucestershire (England), out on a fossil hunting trip exploring the Limestone outcrops for fossils.

Fossil bearing rock (Lower Jurassic) exposed at Cleeve Hill (Gloucestershire).

The discovery of an Ichthyosaur fossil specimen at Lyme Regis (April 2014).

Clearing debris from the site of an Ichthyosaur fossil discovery (Lyme Regis 2014).

A close up an Ichthyosaur fossil discovered at Lyme Regis, the hand provides scale and the vertebrae most of which are articulated can be seen very clearly. Skull towards bottom right of the picture, tail positioned towards the top left of the photo.

Ichthyosaur fossil discovered on the Dorset coast (April 2014).

Belemnite/Belemnoid - Well preserved Phragmoteuthis conocauda, showing arm hooks and outline of mantle - Aug 2010 - Paläontologische Museum München

Large dinosaur fossil eggs from Provence (France) ascribed to Hypselosaurus, now a nomen dubium.

A large dinosaur fossil egg from India dated to Upper Cretaceous deposits.