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The preserved skeleton of the baby Rapetosaurus, including vertebrae from the hip and tail and the femur.

Tiny Titanosaur Suggests Rapetosaurus Not Good at "Bringing Up Baby"

A view of the skull (lateral views)

A New Late Cretaceous Titanosaur from Patagonia

The magnificent Shantungosaurus dinosaurs on display in the entrance hall at the Zhucheng Dinosaur Museum.

Shantungosaurus giganteus Exhibit Recognised by Guinness Book of Records

A splendid display of Lyme Regis fossils.

Lyme Regis Fossil Festival in Full Swing

Digitised Dinosaur Leads to Dorking Museum Discovery

Digitised Dinosaur Leads to Dorking Museum Discovery

The fossil whale tooth (centre) compared to a T. rex tooth (left) and an extant Sperm Whale tooth (right).

Giant Aussie Whale - A Terror of Pliocene Seas

No evidence of teeth adapted to seed-eating were found in the study.

Seed Eating May Have Helped Birds Survive

The tail drag made by an ancient crocodile preserved in the Red Ruby mudstones of the Cedar Mountain Formation (Utah).

New Dinosaur Track Exhibit Opened at Moab (Utah)

New Dinosaur Track Exhibit Opened at Moab (Utah)

New Dinosaur Track Exhibit Opened at Moab (Utah)

Hastocularis argus - an ancient harvestmen (arachnid) that had lateral eyes unlike modern harvestmen.

All Eyes on Ancient Arachnid

Greg with a model of the Apatoraptor jawbone.

Apatoraptor pennatus - Helps to Tie Together the Caenagnathidae

Plotting the evolution of whale echolocation using a 26 million-year-old fossil inner ear bone.

CT Scan of Ancient Whale Reveals Evolution of Echolocation

One of the limb bones used in the study of Triassic vertebrates from Poland.

Spectroscopic Studies on Organic Matter from Triassic Reptile Bones

Fossil material laid out to represent Asilisaurus (femora labelled).

Triassic Fossils Shed Light on Dinosaur Growth Rates

New study helps to find more fossils. Combining palaeoclimate data with erosion studies and known fossil finds to predict where fossils can be found.

New Model to Help Find Fossils

A nest of dinosaur eggs being returned to Mongolia by U.S. Customs officials.

Stolen Dinosaur Fossils Returned To Mongolia

A Psittacosuaurus skeleton part of a haul being returned to Mongolia.

Stolen Dinosaur Fossils Returned to Mongolia

Bactrosaurus fossils repatriated to Mongolia

Stolen Dinosaur Fossils Returned to Mongolia

Microscopic analysis of the eggshell structure revealed unique features in this Lower Cretaceous dinosaur egg.

“Egg-citing” Dinosaur Egg Discovery from China

Sylviornis foot bones (left) compared to the extant, mould building Malleefowl of Australia (right).

Extinct Bird of New Caledonia Mystery Solved

Homo floresiensis female based on skeletal remains LB1. The date of H. floresiensis is revised.

Did Modern Humans Drive the Hobbit to Extinction?

Evidence of malaria parasite in a mosquito preserved in Dominican amber.

Origins of Malaria Traced Back 100 Million Years

Bernissartia fagesii, this is one of the four crocodiles found during the excavations of the Iguanodons at Bernissart. -Dinosaur Gallery- (Photo: Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences)

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The Cambrian Period (542-488 million years ago) began with one of the most important evolutionary events in the history of the Earth: the "Cambrian Explosion" of life in the oceans - Common Fossils of Oklahoma

Cambrian communities

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