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The "mega-wetland" of north-eastern Peru was home to at least seven different types of prehistoric crocodile.

Peruvian Paradise for Prehistoric Crocodiles

Fossil Alligator - Alligator prenasalis - This extinct member of the family Alligatoridae is the earliest known member of genus Alligator. It is a well known species from many fossils collected in the Oligocene Epoch - 33.9 0.1 to 23.03 0.05 Ma (million years ago) - layer of the Chadron Brule Formations in South Dakota

Alligator prenasalis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Scientists announce discovery of new type of mamenchisaurid dinosaur from Central China - Qijianglong.

China's Long-Necked "Dragon" Dinosaur - Qijianglong

Mamemchisaurus skull

File:Mamenchisaurus skull.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Early mammals (Middle Jurassic mammaliaforms) readily adapted to a variety of diverse environmental niches.

Widespread Ecological Diversity Amongst Early Mammals

Fossil (Petrified) Wood

Evolution favours increasing size in marine animals. New study suggests "Bigness" provides an evolutionary advantage.

Evolution Favours Getting Bigger in Study of Marine Animals

New species of Ichthyosaurus honours Mary Anning.

New Ichthyosaurus Species Honours Mary Anning

New species of Ichthyosaurus honours Mary Anning.

New Ichthyosaurus Species Honours Mary Anning

Squelette monté de Stegosaurus stenops AMNH 650

Pterosaur fossils are very rare.Pteranodon was one of the largest species of pterosaurs, and had a wingspan of up to 20 feet (6 meters). This 85 million-year-old fossil was found in the Niobara Formation in Kansas. Here we see Pteranodon’s head, toothless jaws, and the beginning of of its long, backward-pointing crest (missing) in the upper left corner.

Fossil trilobite from the Devonian period, Dicranurus monstrosus, found in the Moroccan Sahara. Museum of Ancient Life, Utah.

Chinese "Sea Dragon" fossil hints at recovery of animal populations after extinction event.

The earliest horned dinosaur known from North America.

The Earliest Horned Dinosaur in North America?

The Cryptoclidus skeleton on display at the Natural History Museum.

Scotland's very own Ichthyosaur, introducing Dearcmhara (jark vara) from the Isle of Skye.

Dearcmhara shawcrossi - An Ichthyosaur from the Isle of Skye

"Block of Utahraptors" could re-write history of Dromaeosauridae dinosaurs.

Utahraptor Predator Trap Promises Fresh Insight into Dromaeosaurs

Mapping urolites and coprolites from Mesozoic Brazil.

Studying Brazilian urolites and corprolites from Dinosaurs. blog.everythingdi...

Lower Triassic fossil discovery hints at diversification after Great Permian Extinction blog.everythingdi...

Bizarre Duck-Billed Platypus-like Hupehsuchian Marine Reptile

Strange Cambrian "pin-cushion" animal named in honour of deceased Professor from Leicester University,

The Weird and Wonderful Cambrian

The upper arm bone of a Sauropod is carefully removed from the Fossil Discovery Trail at the Dinosaur National Monument (Utah) after an incident of vandalism left this fossil specimen in danger of breaking up.

Fossilised leaves from ancient carnivorous plant found preserved in Baltic amber, picture courtesy of the University of Göttingen.

Carnivorous Plant Remains Found Preserved in Amber

Fossilized Pregnant Ray

The Big Digital: November 2007

A new species of Nothosaur about the size of a Nile Crocodile is described from a fossil discovery made in south-western China.